New Data Export Feature

Volgistics is a cloud-based system so there may be times you’d like to move information to your local system. This can be handy if you lose internet service, need to reference information that has changed in your account, or import Volgistics information into another program or application. We’ve added a new feature to make exporting

New Volgistics Feature: Applications Tab Improvements

Volgistics Mailbox Update The latest Volgistics release made a significant visual change to the Volgistics mailbox. When you open the mailbox you will no doubt notice the width has increased significantly. This width increase is a result of functionality we added to the Applications tab of the mailbox for accounts that use our Site Level

New Volgistics Feature: Text Message Opt-In on Application Forms

We are excited to announce that you can now allow prospective volunteers to opt-in for text messaging when they fill out an application form. If you already have VicNet then text messaging is included in your account at no additional cost. The Volgistics text-messaging feature provides an additional option beyond email for you to communicate

Volgistics Update: Automatic Height for Embedded Forms

Embedding an application form into one of your webpages makes the form appear as part of your own website. The downside to this approach has always been that the form often includes a scrollbar, or it requires you to manually figure out and set the height in your HTML code. But the height can change

New: Restore Deleted App Forms

We’ve released an update to allow deleted application forms to be recovered for up to 5 days from the date they were deleted. The Volgistics’ application form feature allows you to receive information from potential volunteers that will automatically populate a volunteer record in your account. You can audit forms you receive before a record

Help System Update

We’ve made some significant improvements to our help system. While this won’t change the rapid response time from the support team, or the accuracy or completeness of their answers, it does change how you’ll interact with them. First, when you log into Volgistics, you’ll notice that the menu has changed slightly. Instead of “Help”, you’ll

New Multi-Site Level Access Feature

Volgistics’ Site Level Access feature gives the ability to limit a System Operator to one Site in your account. Now with Multi-Site Level Access you can limit an operator to a pool of up to 10 Sites so they can switch their view between the Sites. The Volgistics team is excited to announce that Multi-Site

Online Application Forms and ADA Compliance

Volgistics’ online application form feature has been updated to meet the guidelines most feel will be used to create the American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Accounts that use custom fonts, font sizes, font colors, or buttons may need to update their settings to meet compliance. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990

TLS 1.2 Required After October 15, 2017

This blog post is about a security update that is on the horizon for Volgistics. Before we tell you about the update, though, a little background information is in order. So hang on and we’ll get to the information you need in a little bit. (If you’re the tech savvy type and want to jump