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Libraries are local hubs of information, providing technology, knowledge, and resources to communities. All of them require a strong volunteer network. Whether you work for a small-town library or a large library system, Volgistics has the tools to make the day-to-day volunteer management efficient and effective.

Core Features

Volgistics serves as a comprehensive library volunteer management software, with features designed to help you manage and communicate with your library's volunteers from day one. Take a look below to find out how Volgistics can help you with these most common tasks:


Advertise your volunteer opportunities and easily track and process applications with Volgistics' volunteer recruiting system for libraries. Post opportunities to a customizable online directory you can easily incorporate into your site with little to no website support. Once a potential volunteer fills out an application, it will automatically be uploaded to your database for review. Once accepted, these forms will be transferred to your database, and all data will be uploaded to new volunteer profiles, minimizing double entry in your back office operations.

Save addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for emergency contacts, employers, references, and parents or guardians for each volunteer. You can also create customizable fields to track things important to your organization such as special skills or job preferences.

Each record includes a date history of the volunteer's standing with your organization, trainings completed, and awards received. The Checklist feature makes it easy to track if volunteers have completed mandatory requirements such as new volunteer orientations, special training, or background checks.

Volunteer Profiles

Save the information of your volunteers for easy access within the Volgistics volunteer database system. Your library can hold all the contact information you need, including volunteer addresses, numbers, and email addresses, plus employers and parental references as needed. You might also create your own fields to track anything that's vital for your organization, like special skills or job preferences. These profiles can also include volunteer service records, important dates of service, training records, and awards received.

Service Records

Keep comprehensive records of each volunteer's service hours, dates, times, and assignments, as well as custom service measures and quotas with the library volunteer tracking system. These service records can also incorporate dollar values for certain tasks or assignments, so you can track the monetary value of a volunteer's service. All of this information is thoroughly organized for quick access, so you can quickly print reports on both individuals and volunteer groups.

Text and Email Volunteers

Keep lines of communication open with Volgistics' text and email features. Send automatic notifications to individuals and volunteer groups through text or email, keeping everyone up-to-date with daily or monthly schedule reminder messages and other updates.

Online Volunteer Portal

If you wish to add it, our VicNet online access tool allows volunteers to access their own profiles from almost anywhere. Volunteers can use this secure portal to download forms and review schedule assignments, plus update personal information or view their messages. They can even enter their own service information and the hours served will automatically become part of their individual record.


Customize awards so that you can recognize your volunteers for their excellence. The Volgistics volunteer reporting system for libraries can create awards for various volunteer types, such as interns, youth, and adults. These can be based on various metrics, including years served and the service performed. All awards given are tracked within the volunteer management system.

Multi-Site Access

Volgistics includes Site-Level Access, which is designed so that your library system can use one volunteer management system for volunteers at different branches. Headquarters-level operators can see all volunteer records on-demand, through a single interface, making it easy to track and access compliance items, and awards for every team across the organization.


If you need to transfer information from an existing volunteer management system, Volgistics offers three data transfer options. Choose the best method for you based on your needs and budget, so you can get up to speed using Volgistics as quickly as possible!

On top of it all, Volgistics provides extensive customer support with a broad library of video tutorials and a dedicated support team with a quick response time.

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