Volunteer Software for Libraries

Local libraries are often supported by volunteers to maintain the books, technologies, and other resources for community members. Volunteers might help at the front desk and during events, tidy the children's area, or enter new information into the library database.

Organization and easy-to-access information are imperative for library systems, and volunteer management should be no different. That's why we designed Volgistics, an online management system for libraries that streamlines volunteer scheduling, communication, and personal profiles into one customizable database.

Core Features of Volunteer Management Software for Libraries

Volgistics scales with your organization, whether you're a small-town library or part of a large system in a big city. Volgistics also keeps comprehensive records of your library volunteers, including their contact information, references, service history, awards received, and custom skill sets.

Other key management features include:

VicTouch — On-Site Volunteer Kiosk

The VicTouch module offers a convenient check-in kiosk for your volunteers. When volunteers arrive for their scheduled shift, they can sign in and start tracking their hours, update their schedule for future days, and view messages you send. You'll know your volunteers are performing their duties, and you won't have to wait for them or your organizers to manually input hours. We recommend using a dedicated touchscreen-enabled computer or iPad with VicTouch.

Multisite Capabilities

If your municipality's library system has multiple locations, Volgistics lets you keep separate groups of volunteers ordered under different sites and supervisors. This way, information about volunteers stays private to their respective managers. The main account used by the system headquarters, however, has access and reporting abilities encompassing all these different branches and volunteers. The site level access feature also makes sending updates, scheduling, and sorting profiles easier for volunteer managers.

Customizable Online Applications

Volgistics makes library volunteer recruitment easier with custom applications linked on your organization's website. For instance, one form can be for volunteers teaching young children and another for individuals interested in managing the computers. Once the form is on your website, you won't need any web design experience or an IT specialist to update these volunteer applications. Finally, Volgistics can trim back-office processing when adding an approved volunteer to the system by automatically populating a profile using the application details.

Mandatory Service Tracking

Some library volunteers count their service toward a school program or other forms of mandated community service. You can set quotas and track progress toward these service milestones within Volgistics. Volunteers can stay engaged by viewing their history, and if you choose, you can share an award upon completion.

Learn More About Using Our Library Volunteer Management System

Volgistics gives your library the tools to be more agile and efficient at communicating and interacting with your volunteers. Shifting your volunteer database from a previous platform to Volgistics is easy with our conversion services. You'll also receive video tutorials, helpful articles, and a dedicated support staff to get you started.

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