Messaging Volunteers

Communicating with your volunteers is one of the most essential parts of volunteer management. With Volgistics, it's even easier, thanks to our easy-to-use automated volunteer texting and emailing software system.

Volgistics' volunteer management software allows your organization to send text and email messages to your volunteers. This communication system helps organizations to easily communicate with volunteers via their preferred method, notifying them of schedule changes or reminding them of existing commitments.

Text, Email, and VicMail

With Volgistics' communication system for volunteers, there is no need to manage a list of volunteer mobile numbers outside of the Volgistics system, and no need to go through the tedious process of selecting certain volunteers in Outlook. Volgistics pulls from existing classifications and sets in the system and uses the contact information of volunteers within those groups.

On top of this integrated functionality, Volgistics also keeps records of messages sent to each volunteer and tracks their delivery statuses to determine if a contact method is valid or not. The system even allows volunteers to choose the kinds of texts and emails they want to receive.


If you use the optional VicNet or VicTouch modules, you can also send volunteers messages via VicMail. This allows volunteers to receive your messages when they sign in. Unlike regular email, you can track when a VicMail message is opened, and take it down if needed.

Selecting Volunteers

With Volgistics' volunteer emailing and texting software, volunteer managers can message:

Here's an example: You have a vacant schedule opening for the front desk next Thursday at 2pm. You can tag all volunteers who've expressed interest in volunteering for that position and who are qualified to fill the opening. You might further narrow it down to only volunteers who are not currently scheduled to serve in another opening during that time. Once you've set the criteria, you can send a simple email to the selected volunteers to request the opening be filled.

Need Help?

If you ever need assistance setting up these communication channels, always remember Volgistics' support system is available. Visit our site to make use of hours of detailed video tutorials, as well as our support team.

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