Multi-Site Capabilities

In some organizations, it is useful to have a single volunteer database in which different leaders have access to only some of the volunteer records. Volgistics makes this possible through a feature called Site Level Access.

With site level access, one or more system operators are restricted to one or more specific sites. When one of these site level operators uses Volgistics, they only see the volunteers associated with their own site, not the volunteers associated with other sites. To these site level operators, Volgistics appears to include only the volunteers for their site. At the same time, Volgistics operators who have not been restricted can see and work with all of the volunteer records from all of the sites when they login.

When you use site level access

The headquarters site can establish certain database and recordkeeping standards. This can help you apply organization-wide volunteer management policies and keep information consistent; an important task if you want to generate organization-wide reports and statistics. These database standards can include the choice of which fields you use, what drop down list entries are created, who can access the system and what they can do, and the creation of organization-wide reports.

Volgistics is even easier for site level operators to understand and use, since some or all of the administrative functions are performed for them. This is especially beneficial in organizations where volunteer management is just one of many responsibilities the site level operators have.

Running Reports with Site Level Access

When site level operators generate reports, their reports include just their site's volunteers.

Headquarters operators can generate reports that include all volunteers from all sites.

While site level access provides great convenience, it may not (and is not intended to) provide a level of security in which operators at one site could never discover any information about volunteers from another site in the same Volgistics account.

For example, when a volunteer serves at more than one site in the same Volgistics account, their record is shared between those sites. In this case, the operators at the sites sharing the volunteer are privy to some common information about that volunteer. In addition, there are reporting features in Volgistics that enable the headquarters site to create reports that list all volunteers for all sites (if they choose to). The headquarters site could then make these reports available to all System Operators at all sites.

A Good Rule of Thumb

When you use site level access, your System Operators should be people you would trust with any volunteer information in your account, even if they normally only see their own volunteer records.

If you need a higher level of security between the different sites in your organization, use separate Volgistics accounts for each site. With separate accounts you can be sure operators from one account will never see information in another, but you'll no longer have the advantages of a common database.

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