Volunteer Recruiting Software

Recruiting volunteers is an essential part of a volunteer-based organization, and is one of the primary focuses of Volgistics' volunteer management software.

As a software that recruits volunteers, Volgistics' volunteer management software helps your organization advertise assignments and automatically add applicants to your volunteer pool. Whether your organization needs volunteers to help with a community kitchen, a busy hospital, or an annual event, Volgistics has the volunteer recruiting software you need to make it happen.

Recruiting Features

Volgistics' volunteer recruiting database system includes several key features designed to help your organization communicate your volunteer opportunities to the world. Advertise your open assignments to both existing volunteers and interested new parties while keeping manual data entry to a minimum and making back-office tasks easier for volunteer coordinators.

Online opportunity directory

Volgistics allows you to easily insert opportunities directly into your website. Simply copy and paste a single link on a webpage to direct visitors to an entire online volunteer opportunity directory without creating another new page from scratch. Visitors to your site can then use this directory to browse your volunteer opportunities and view job descriptions, task requirements, times needed, and more.

Online volunteer application forms

Volgistics also allows you to insert online volunteer application forms into your website. Again, simply copy and paste a link onto your website to direct applicants to the form. This customized online volunteer application form can include as much or as little information as you want. As soon as an applicant fills out this form, Volgistics automatically takes in this information and adds it to the Volgistics database, without requiring manual data entry from your coordinator or back office staff.

Scheduling volunteers

With Volgistics' volunteer scheduling software, new and existing volunteers can easily be added to any schedule on both a one-time and repeat basis. Volunteer schedules can even be set on a perpetual basis for long-term volunteers.

Volunteer self-scheduling

Using the optional VicNet and VicTouch modules, your existing volunteers can easily see unfilled openings from their home computer, smartphone, or kiosk. From these applications, they can then schedule themselves for these slots, saving volunteer coordinators a great deal of time.

With these functionalities, your organization can ensure its open volunteer shifts are filled as quickly as possible, while also keeping back-office tasks and manual data entry to a minimum. Even better, if your organization requires additional support or customization for your volunteer recruiting application, the Volgistics support team is available for assistance. We also have hours of detailed video tutorials.

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