Volunteer Application Forms

With Volgistics, you can collect information from prospective volunteers using online volunteer application forms, and then immediately use that information in your database without having to enter it manually. Prospective volunteers sign up online and then click a submit button. Volgistics checks to be sure applicants provide all of the information you require, and that things like ZIP or postal codes were entered in a proper format.

Why Is a Reliable Volunteer Application Management System So Important?

If you manage any aspect of a volunteer organization, you know that anything you can do to streamline your operation is vital. Volunteer organizations are constantly in motion, planning and setting up new events, fundraising, adding and training new volunteers, and much more. Trying to process volunteer applications from every new volunteer by distributing and collecting paper forms can create extremely long, needless delays and increase the likelihood of error.

Furthermore, potential volunteers may become frustrated with the process of having to go somewhere to collect a form, fill out that form, return that form, and wait for it to be processed. On the other hand, if one is able to fill out the information at home, providing all the required data by typing it into an online form and submitting it electronically, they are more likely to complete the signup process (and complete it quickly).

An online volunteer application form system can also be a huge benefit if it is your responsibility to manage volunteer application forms. A volunteer manager has plenty to do already without having to track down a bunch of paper forms, organize them, and transcribe them into a database.

With the Volgistics online system, the required information is available to the manager to add to the database with the click of a button, meaning that manager can process volunteers and assign them to various duties faster, even if you are seeking different types of volunteers for different organizational responsibilities.

Efficiency is critical when it comes to volunteer management, and an online volunteer application management system is the most efficient way to get all the information about new volunteers and new potential volunteers signed up and into your database.

How the Volgistics Online Management System for Volunteer Application Forms Works

Once an applicant submits their form, Volgistics can automatically send them a confirmation email to let them know you've received their information and explain what happens after they sign up to volunteer. Submitted volunteer application forms appear right away in your Volgistics Mailbox for auditing. Forms you choose to receive become new volunteer records in your database. From there, you perform whatever additional processing is appropriate for new applicants, like background screening.

You may create more than one online volunteer application form in Volgistics. This flexibility is important for:

When you create multiple application forms, you can add links to your various forms from different locations on your web site or from different web sites altogether. For example, you might have a permanent web page for recruiting regular ongoing volunteers from which you link your comprehensive volunteer application form, plus a separate web page promoting a one-time event from which you have a link to a short volunteer registration form used to sign-up one-time volunteers for that event.

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