Volunteer Management Software for Community Organizations

Organizations that perform community outreach come in many shapes and sizes, making it difficult to find a volunteer management software that fits just right. Volgistics has the tools and resources to make managing volunteers easy, regardless of whether you're a church, community kitchen, senior corps, or a nonprofit organization, or corporation whose employees perform community service. Choose Volgistics for a volunteer tracking and management system that's scalable to your needs!

Explore how Volgistics is making the volunteer management process easier with its built-in volunteer management tools.

Core Features

Volgistics serves as a comprehensive community volunteer management software, with features designed to help you more effectively manage and communicate with your volunteer base.


Receive information from potential volunteers through Volgistics' community volunteer recruiting system and its customized online application forms. The volunteer management system automatically loads volunteer application data into your database from their form when you accept the application. Additionally, you can update and post forms quickly and easily, with no need to bother your IT team or website builders.


Find exactly what you're looking for with Volgistics' community volunteer database management system, which allows you to search and filter records based on age, type, location, service preferences, and customizable flags. Save detailed information on each record, including emergency contacts, training history, languages spoken, and even volunteer photos. You can also create custom fields to track items unique to your organization, such as volunteer demographics or special skills and interests.

Group Records

Need to track the volunteer data of groups as well as individuals? Volgistics' volunteer tracking system has you covered with group tracking capabilities. Record the groups that helped at specific events, and track their hours and the contact information of their group leaders without keeping records on each individual in the group.

Service Records

Volgistics' volunteer experience reporting software keeps complete histories of each volunteer, showing hours served along with dates, times, and assignments. You can track measures like the dollar value of the volunteers' service, the miles they've driven, or the number of duties they've performed, and all of this information can be pulled for reporting, both on an individual and group basis.

Text and Email Volunteers

Volgistics helps you communicate with your volunteers more easily. This volunteer management software features text messaging and email, with daily and monthly schedule reminder options to help reduce no-shows. Additionally, you can send out individual, group, or department-wide messages as needed to quickly keep your volunteers updated. Volgistics' communication tools like these make volunteer recognition, and retention, that much easier for volunteer managers and staff.


Create and track volunteer awards with Volgistics' volunteer tracking system. Create awards based on hours of service, years of service, or other performance measures and choose which groups to apply them to, such as youths or seniors. Volgistics' reporting functions can even be used to find people who are eligible for each award!


Volgistics offers options for transferring the volunteer information to your new account. Pick the option that's right for you so you can get started using Volgistics' community volunteer database management software.

On top of it all, Volgistics provides extensive customer support with a broad library of video tutorials and a dedicated support team with a quick response time.

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