Volunteer Software for Hospice Care

Hospice volunteers are responsible for many day-to-day tasks for patients, whether at a long-term care facility or residence. They might prepare meals, shop for groceries, help with chores, assist the primary caregiver, and transport the patient to appointments.

Volunteer leaders can be just as busy, which is why volunteer management for hospice organizations can be time-consuming for those without a modernized system in place. Luckily, Volgistics offers a flexible and user-friendly platform designed to scale with your team's size and operations.

Core Features of Our Hospice Volunteer Management System

Volgistics streamlines volunteer management by allowing you to build and sort profiles, handle scheduling, and send announcements through text messages and email. With a simple, customizable interface, our fully online platform allows volunteer leaders the freedom to track and report what matters most.

Other key management features for hospice organizations include:

VicNet — Volunteer Self-Scheduling and History

VicNet is an online portal for volunteers and managers, accessible from any internet-connected device. Leaders can create schedule openings for volunteers to fill in when they're available. Routine scheduling is also available for volunteers who work with patients on certain days as well as substituting to close gaps in service. VicNet grants access to a detailed service history so you can appropriately track and credit volunteers over time.

Custom Service Measures

Because hospice volunteerism can take many forms, Volgistics lets organizations track up to 14 additional services alongside their hours. Whether it's tracking the number of patients seen, beds changed, or card games played, you can log each volunteer's contribution toward providing excellent care.

Merit Hours

Individual services you select — such as traveling — can have hours added and deducted independently for accurate volunteer reporting. System operators can define up to four merit hour rules, including what days or responsibilities count as "double time" or "time and a half." This reporting feature ultimately makes tax claims easier to calculate as well.

Background Screening

Background screening is a critical step in the volunteer recruitment process. Volgistics lets you set up custom checklists for all the required documents volunteers will need to serve and set reminders for renewal if necessary. The platform also integrates with Verified First, an award-winning background screening company, that requests information from applicants based on the type of screening you want to conduct. This helps you ensure your volunteer base includes qualified individuals, so your patients receive the best care.

Learn More About Solutions for Hospice Volunteer Management

If your organization runs multiple care facilities, our hospice volunteer software can be configured with site-specific permissions to restrict supervisors and volunteers to different locations and view information only related to that site. We're always available to help get your organization set up smoothly with Volgistics, offering video tutorials, helpful articles, and dedicated customer support. Ask us about how to convert your existing volunteer data into Volgistics for a faster start.

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