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Volunteer logistics has a new name — Volgistics. Are you looking for a volunteer management system for palliative care and hospice care that's scalable, easy to use, customizable, and free of startup fees and contracts? If you've answered, "Yes!" to this question, Volgistics is the straightforward volunteer database management system for hospice care you're looking for. Read on to learn about its many features and how to start your free trial today!

Volgistics' cloud based software makes the day-to-day process of recruiting, tracking and managing the volunteers of hospice and palliative care organizations simpler with its many features, which include:


The last thing you want is to lose the engagement of potential volunteers because the online process of registering with your organization is too cumbersome or confusing. At the same time, you want all of the information you need to make informed choices about who's ready to represent your organization as a volunteer. That's why, with the ability to create your own forms without costly IT or designer involvement, Volgistics is the sensible way to go.

Potential volunteers register through online application forms they find on your website and their information is automatically loaded into your Volgistics database when you accept them. There's no need to manually enter information so you'll save time and money. You customize the forms to contain the information your hospice organization requires without the need to involve your website designer. Changes you make are immediately incorporated into your form.

Opportunities for volunteers to serve are posted online in your Opportunity Directory so potential volunteers can review care opportunities available. Information on the duties, qualifications and location of each opportunity can easily be included to help volunteers decide if the care assignment is right for them. The process is quick, efficient, and ready when you are to capitalize on the energy of potential volunteers while they're still in the time-sensitive stages of recruitment.


As a manager, you need the data and information you keep on your volunteers to be organized and stored in a manner that's user-friendly and customizable. With Volgistics you get all that — and more!

Your volunteer database is fully searchable so you can quickly find just the records you're looking for. You can filter volunteer records based on age, type, location, service, preferences, customizable flags, and many other features.

Each volunteer record can contain detailed information including references, emergency contacts, and employers. There are even customizable fields available to track information unique to the needs of hospice volunteers such as driver's license or insurance information for volunteers who will be transporting patients.

Records can also include date histories of the volunteer's standing with your organization; trainings completed; and award history. The Checklist feature makes it easy to track if volunteers have completed mandatory requirements such as orientations and background checks. There's even a way to easily track groups and sets of volunteers — such as volunteers who served during a particular time period, worked at a particular facility, or share a birthday month — all without having to create separate records.

Text and Email Volunteers

Send email and text messages to groups of volunteers that you select. Automatic schedule reminder messages by text or email reduce no shows for assignments, improving service to patients.If you should ever need help setting up any of these channels of communication, Volgistics' support team, as well as detailed video tutorials, are here to assist you.


If you're like most busy managers, you have numerous important things to complete by the end of the day — and searching through lists of volunteers' telephone numbers or selecting their contact info through Outlook every time you need to communicate with them is both time-consuming and inefficient. Fortunately, with Volgistics, you can simultaneously save time, increase efficiency, and help your organization’s level of service to its clients.

Online Volunteer Portal

Since hospice and palliative care volunteers often provide service away from the central office, the optional VicNet volunteer portal allows volunteers to stay in touch with your organization through any Internet-connected computer. Volunteers log in through the secure portal to download forms, schedule assignments, post hours served, update contact information, receive messages and review service information. All without a need for coordinator involvement! This feature can save valuable time for busy volunteer coordinators.

In addition, you have the unique capability of putting your own brand on this feature, since volunteers can be guided to the service through a link from your organization's website — with VicNet matching the overall look of your site.


Use the ready-made reports to get everything from simple lists of trainings completed, awards received, and contact information, to complete details about volunteer service hours completed. Reports can be organized in a wide variety of ways to fit your needs. Organize by assignment to see hours completed in each area of your organization, or by volunteer to track individual service. You can even customize your reports to track things important to your hospice organization, like the miles volunteers drive to serve in assignments.

Whether it's for grant applications, board reports, fundraising, or the overall running of your organization, generating reports can be a time-consuming yet integral function of a program coordinator's duties. Now, with Volgistics' software, you can take advantage of report generation capabilities designed to make your job easier. From generating printed reports formatted as PDF documents to creating Excel spreadsheets that are ideal for digital reports, you'll finally have the reporting power at your fingertips that other coordinators dream of.

Sign up for a free trial account to find out more about why so many hospice and palliative care organizations use Volgistics to meet their needs for recruiting, tracking, and managing their volunteer base. Interested in how Volgistics' works? Register for a live demonstration!

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