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Whether you work at a hospital, clinic, or treatment center, Volgistics makes you more productive in your volunteer manager or coordinator role.


Potential volunteers register through online application forms they find on your website and their information is automatically loaded into your Volgistics database when you accept the application. There's no need to manually enter information so you'll save time and money. You customize the forms to contain the information your healthcare organization requires, without the need to involve your web-site designer. Changes you make are immediately incorporated into your form.

Volunteer opportunities are posted online in your Opportunity Directory so potential volunteers can easily review available openings. Information on the duties, qualifications and location of each opportunity can be easily included to help volunteers decide if the assignment is right for them.


Your volunteer database is fully searchable so you can quickly find just the records you're looking for. You can filter volunteer records based on age, type, location, service, preferences, customizable flags, and many other features.

Each volunteer record can contain detailed information including references, emergency contacts, employers, and even volunteer photos. Create customizable fields to track information unique to the needs of your organization such as parking permit numbers, driver's license numbers, or education and training information. You can also customize characteristic fields to collect skills and interests to help match volunteers with assignments.

Automatic Service Hour Recording

Include the optional VicTouch (touch screen kiosk) module and volunteers can sign-in when they arrive and sign-out when they leave. A detailed record of service performed is automatically recorded for the volunteer. Service information is available for reports immediately after the service is completed-without the need for any additional action by a volunteer coordinator. This feature frees staff from needing to perform data entry responsibilities to enter volunteer service.

Compliance Tracking

Volunteer records can keep track of dates for things such as the volunteer's standing with your organization; trainings completed; awards received; mailings; and other customizable matters. Use the Checklist feature to track which volunteers are due for, or have completed, mandatory requirements such as TB testing, flu shots or background checks. Automatic email messages remind volunteers when annual items are due for renewal. Volgistics' full reporting features make generating reports for regulatory agencies a breeze.

Text and Email

Print mailing labels or send email and text messages to groups of volunteers that you select. Automatic schedule reminders by email and text reduce no shows for assignments. Each volunteer's record is automatically updated with a history of messages they've received.

Include the optional VicNet module and volunteers can stay in touch with your organization through any Internet-connected computer. Volunteers log in through the secure portal to download forms, schedule themselves, post hours served, update contact information, receive messages and review service information. All without a need for coordinator involvement! This feature can save valuable time for busy volunteer coordinators.


Use the ready-made reports to get everything from simple lists of trainings completed, awards received, and contact information to complete details about volunteer service hours completed. Reports can be organized in a wide variety of ways to fit your needs. Organize by assignment to see hours completed in each area of your organization, or organize the report by volunteer to track individual service. You can even customize your reports to track things important to your healthcare organization's funding, such as dollar values for volunteer hours served.


Create and track volunteer awards to improve participation and morale. You create awards based on hours of service, years of service, other performance measures, or immeasurable criteria such as a committee selection. The awards can be setup to apply to just certain groups of volunteers such as youths or seniors. Volgistics makes the job of tracking awards easier with reports and search functions designed to show who's eligible or who's received the award.

Multi-Site Access

Volgistics includes a Site Level Access feature designed for large healthcare organizations that have satellite hospitals, clinics or other locations. Headquarters level operators have access to all volunteer records, assignments and reports while Site Level Operators can only see information for the location they are assigned to. This feature makes it easy for compliance items, awards, password security settings, field formats, and more to be standardized for the entire organization--but offers the advantage of a simplified interface for Site Level Operators that limits volunteer information from being shared between locations.


Volgistics offers three different options for transferring the volunteer information you're using now into your new account. The option that's right for you depends on the program you're using now and the complexity of the data you want to import. Our conversion options allow your existing data to be quickly loaded into your new account so you can start using Volgistics to make your job easier-without the need to manually enter all of the information.

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