Hospitals and Health Care Organizations

Hospitals and Health Care Organizations

Volunteer work in hospitals supports excellent patient care through various important jobs, from changing linens to transporting patients. Volunteer management software from Volgistics keeps track of your volunteers' schedules, hours, and contact information. We have worked with hospitals, clinics, regional health care organizations, children's hospitals, satellite locations, and more.

Our Hospital Volunteer Software Features

Our health care volunteer management program has several robust features for organizing, scheduling, contacting, tracking, and more:

Custom Checklists

Our program allows hospital administrators to create custom checklist fields in volunteer profiles and applications. Make sure your volunteers follow your rules and industry regulations by using your custom checklist to track:

You can also set expiration dates for these items so your volunteers update their information regularly.


Update volunteer profiles, track service hours, and create schedules with VicNet, our digital volunteer coordinating hub. Both you and your volunteers can use VicNet from any internet-connected device to complete these tasks.


The VicTouch module manages sign-in and schedule tracking. Volunteers use the kiosk to sign in and out to track their hours, and they can view future schedules and review notifications. VicTouch manages your volunteers so supervisors don't have to.


VicDocs stores and organizes documents like driver's licenses, contact information, waivers, and applications digitally. Volgistics is a secure system that protects your volunteer data. However, VicDocs is not compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), so we don't recommend storing medical records with VicDocs.

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