Legacy Application Forms Retiring Next Week

Tip of the Week January 30, 2023

On February 8th, the old legacy application forms will be retired. If you haven’t updated your applications yet, it’s best to start now. Updating them only takes a few minutes for each form, and will help make sure your applicants have a positive first impression. In addition to double-checking your instructions and field order, you can check out new features like the drag-and-drop editor, custom theming, document uploads, and applicant signatures. Help topic 4200 Introducing New Application Forms can walk you through cloning, and 4202 New Application Form Setup shows how to use the new features.

We won’t go through the whole process here, but we did host a webinar on this very top a couple months ago, so it’s best to check that out if you want more detailed steps. You can find it on our Training page.

Once you’ve cloned your form and reviewed it, you can update the link on your website to point to the new version.

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