Simplify VicNet Access for Users With Multiple Records

Tip of the Week February 19, 2024 If your organization uses the VicNet module you may have users who have both a volunteer record and a Coordinator record in your account. In these cases, when the user logs into the VicNet module they’ll need to enter the appropriate email address and password to be logged

How to Engage Youth Volunteers

How to engage youth volunteers

Young people can be one of the most valuable resources in a volunteer organization — but many administrators struggle to engage teen volunteers. Teens and kids can breathe fresh life into events and bring new ideas to the table for volunteer groups, schools, and entire communities. Plus, they have many reasons to help. With the right

Post Service Hours From the Schedule

Tip of the Week February 12, 2024 In Volgistics, schedules and service are tracked separately. The Schedule is a plan of when volunteers are expected to serve in the future, while Service is a record of when they actually served in the past. Past schedule entries do not count as service automatically, but using the

Using the Email Validity Icon

Tip of the Week February 5, 2024 When you send email through Volgistics, we automatically track any errors received during delivery to determine if the recipient’s email address is valid. The email validity icon on the Core tab of the volunteer record displays its status. By default, a volunteer’s email address is considered invalid if

5 Ways to Handle Volunteer Team Conflict

5 ways to handle volunteer team conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of any relationship. Volunteers may feel frustrated by each others’ performance, disagree with how you allocate funds, or dislike their assignments. While you likely can’t avoid ideological differences and friction, there are many ways to prevent some conflicts and manage those that slip through the cracks. Explore how to prevent

Get Your Automatic Reports Faster

Tip of the Week January 15, 2024 Custom reports can be scheduled to run automatically on a weekly or monthly basis. When you choose to run reports automatically, those reports will be queued and processed during Volgistics’ overnight maintenance cycle. Although these commands are typically completed very quickly, sometimes backlogs may create delays. If you

Adding Gamification to the Volunteer Experience

Adding gamification to your volunteer experience

If your organization is fortunate enough to have people donating their time to you, you probably know the basics of how to support your volunteers — including sending information packets to new recruits, holding orientation and training sessions, creating a volunteer handbook with your policies and protocols, and thanking them frequently. But how can you keep

Review VicNet and VicTouch use

Tip of the Week January 8, 2024 If your account’s service level includes the VicNet or VicTouch modules, you may want to review how you’re using those features. This allows you to make informed decisions about whether the module is being underutilized and more operator training or volunteer training is needed, or if you should