Review the Basics of Volgistics

Tip of the Week January 01, 2024 For new or prospective Volgistics users, or for experienced users who would like to freshen up on the core settings and features of their account, Volgistics offers a comprehensive Getting Started Guide. This guide provides an easy-to-navigate tour of the system and covers numerous introductory topics explaining fundamental

See How Many Submissions an Application Has Received in a Year

Tip of the Week December 25, 2023 Many organizations that use application forms want to know how many applications they have received in a year, or another time period. This can be useful for reference, or for completing reports for grants and other external agencies. While you can create Sets to identify the number of volunteers who had

Archive Old Help Inquires to “Clean-Up” Your Mailbox

Tip of the Week December 18, 2023 The Help E-mail tab of the Mailbox is designed to provide a reference for System Operators. All System Operators in the account can review past questions and responses in case they find the information helpful. However, there may be past help inquiries that are simply thank-you responses, or

Your Guide to Effective Fundraising — How to Write a Donation Letter for Nonprofit Organizations

Your guide to effective fundraising - How to write a donation letter for nonprofit organizations

Donation requests are core fundraising strategies and techniques for most nonprofits, but how you ask for support makes all the difference in your success. Letters make an impact by connecting with the reader, sharing the importance of your cause, and providing a direct, simple route for offering support.  You don’t have to be a prize-winning

Track Multiple Addresses and Phone Numbers for Volunteers on Their Contacts Tab

Tip of the Week December 11, 2023 Volunteer addresses and phone numbers are stored on the Core tab of the volunteer record. In most cases this is sufficient to track the volunteer’s information. But sometimes a volunteer record may have more than one address or phone number you want to track, such as if the

How to Keep Track of Volunteer Hours

How to keep track of volunteer hours

Tracking volunteer hours can benefit your organization and those who dedicate their time to support your mission. Your volunteers are one of the most valuable aspects of your organization, and tracking their hours can highlight their value and your program’s success.  A volunteer hours form allows you to keep track of the tasks each person

Are You Compliant With Volunteering Laws?

Are you compliant with volunteering laws?

Many organizations have little understanding of how volunteers intersect with the law. Volunteers are one of the most crucial aspects of achieving a mission for many organizations. However, it’s essential that you understand the laws around volunteering to ensure you maintain legal and effective practices. Understanding the laws and your obligations can provide protection for

Keep a Local Backup of Your Volunteer Data

Tip of the Week November 27, 2023 Volgistics includes the ability to create a local backup of your volunteer data using Volgistics’ Data Export feature. One reason to save this data to your local system is to access to your volunteer data in a situation where your internet connection is down. However, there is another

Use the Date of Last Activity Field to See When a Volunteer Served Last

Tip of the Week November 13, 2023 Volgistics makes it easy to see the last date a volunteer served with the Date of Last Activity field recorded in the Statistics box on the Core tab of the volunteer record. You enable this field to be shown by following these steps: The Date of Last Activity