Delete an entire batch of service

Tip of the Week August 31, 2020 One method of entering volunteer service hours in Volgistics is to use the Post page for a whole group of volunteers at once. This can be handy if you’re posting hours from the schedule. If hours are posted incorrectly with this method, operators must individually edit or delete

Use date fields to track profile changes

Tip of the Week August 24, 2020 Volgistics does not automatically keep a date record to indicate when a volunteer’s profile or contact information was last updated. However, you can use the spare fields on the Profile tab of volunteer records to create a custom field for tracking this information. Here is how to create

Identify service entries’ source

Tip of the Week August 17, 2020 Service records in Volgistics can be created in a variety of different ways. Sometimes it is useful to be able to tell which method was used to create the record, or if the entry has been edited. You can find this out by looking at the service entry

Update your agency information

Tip of the Week August 10, 2020 If your organization has changed its name, you may want to update your account so the correct name displays. Or, if you’ve moved to a different address, it’s always a good idea to keep the correct address on file. You can update your organization’s name, address, and web

Display Who’s Here at VicTouch

Tip of the Week August 03, 2020 The Who’s Here page is a great way for System Operators to see which volunteers at their organization have arrived to serve and at what location or in which Assignment they are serving. However, sometimes organizations would also like their volunteers or Coordinators to be able to quickly

Display date & time at VicTouch

Tip of the Week July 27, 2020 If your organization uses the VicTouch module, your VicTouch kiosks will serve as timeclocks where volunteers can sign-in and sign-out to record their service automatically. As volunteers review their schedule, service history, and as they arrive and as they prepare to depart, it can be helpful for them

Sort information in the Mailbox

Tip of the Week July 13, 2020 The Volgistics Mailbox consists of the In Box, Out Box, Applications, Service, Help E-mail and Documents tabs. Each of these tabs is shared by the System Operators in your account (or all operators from the same Site if Site Level Access is enabled). As the number of items

Keep billing contact up-to-date

Tip of the Week July 06, 2020 In many organizations, the person responsible for paying the account’s service fees and managing invoices and receipts may not actually be an account Administrator. To allow this person to receive billing notices, Volgistics provides a separate email address for the account’s billing contact. This email address can only

Post documents for view in VicNet

Tip of the Week June 29, 2020 If your organization uses the VicNet module, you can post documents on the Home tab for volunteers to download and print from their home computers. These could be informational files such as volunteer newsletters or manuals. Or they could be items you need volunteers to complete and return