Find a volunteer’s last access to VicNet

Tip of the Week December 26, 2022 If you use the VicNet module to allow volunteers to login to the secure portal to do things such as update their contact information, download forms, receive messages, view or record service, and more, you may sometimes need to see when a volunteer signed into the module last.

How to Tell if a Volunteer Is Right for Your Organization

Volgistics Volunteer Logistics

Volunteers are vital because they provide time and skills to advance your organization’s goals. Though employees have similar roles, the key difference between employees and volunteers is that employees are paid while volunteers work without receiving compensation. Although the employee and volunteer hiring processes differ, you need to find volunteers who share your organization’s values.

Go to the Schedule tab of an Assignment from the Schedule page.

Tip of the Week December 19, 2022 There are different ways to view the schedule in Volgistics to match the rendering that fits your needs the best. For example, if you want to view the schedule for your entire organization, you can select Schedule from the menu. Or, if you want to view the schedule

How to Make Volunteers Feel Like They Make a Difference

Volunteers contribute to the health and safety of communities worldwide. By donating their time, millions of volunteers make a difference in others’ lives daily. From cleaning up litter to tutoring young students to answering crisis lines, these actions show compassion and care for those around us. It’s crucial to remind your volunteers of their importance.

Track additional contact information using Contacts

Tip of the Week December 12, 2022 Volunteer addresses and phone numbers are stored on the Core tab of the volunteer record. In most cases this is sufficient to track the volunteer’s information. But sometimes a volunteer record may have more than one address or phone number you want to track, such as if the

Should You Buy Your Volunteers Appreciation Gifts?

Should you buy your volunteers appreciation gifts?

With the holiday season right around the corner, you may be looking for ways to express gratitude for your volunteers. After all, giving volunteers a small token of your appreciation might seem like the least you could do, considering all they do to help you work toward your mission. As a nonprofit organization, you have

New Application Forms Leaving Beta

The new version of Volgistics’ application forms are leaving the beta period, and are ready for everyone to use! This includes a whole host of improvements like custom theming, drag-and-drop field reordering, and a new mobile responsive design. But this also means the legacy application forms you might be using now will be going away.

Create a Set to find small or large service entries

Tip of the Week November 28, 2022 At times you may find abnormal service entries that have been created. For example, if you use the VicTouch module, sometimes a volunteer will sign-in for an assignment, reenter their PIN to check the schedule, and then click the sign-out button out of habit. Or if volunteers enter

Create automatic report to track Checklist items

Tip of the Week November 21, 2022 Volgistics includes a Checklist feature to help you track volunteer requirements. You can not only use the Tickler feature to find volunteers who are due, but you can also create an automatic monthly report showing volunteers who are due. To do this, the first step would be to

Search the Event Log or a volunteer’s Notes tab

Tip of the Week November 14, 2022 Each Volgistics account has an Event Log that records key events. Even though not every event in your account is tracked due to size limitations, the Event Log can still become quite long. This can make it hard to find one specific item. The same problem may occur