Schedule Volunteers with Assignment Opening Rules Enforced

Tip of the Week June 07, 2021 Via the Schedule tab of an Assignment record or the Schedule page from the menu, System Operators are always able to schedule volunteers for any time even if the Rules tab of the corresponding Assignment is setup to allow scheduling for “Openings only”. However, operators may wish to

Use VicTouch Greeting Cards as Event Reminders

Tip of the Week May 31, 2021 If your organization uses the VicTouch module and you have an event coming up that you want volunteers to remember, consider using a VicTouch Greeting Card. Volunteers will see the reminder each time they login during the time period you select. Sending a reminder message through Vic Mail

Use a Set to Find Records That Have Information in a Spare Field

Tip of the Week May 24, 2021 There may be times when you need to find all the volunteers in your account that have information in a specific text field. For example, to verify the information in a field called School where you record the educational institution a volunteer attends, or attended last, it may

New Features: Updated Email Editor and More Rich Text

We recently overhauled the editor we use for email messages, making formatting apply more consistently and making it easier to include images and placeholders. Along with this, we added the editor to many other places in Volgistics that were previously limited to just plain-text, like volunteer notes, instruction fields for your application forms, and Assignment

The Importance of Team Building for Volunteer Organizations

The Importance Of Team Building For Volunteer Organizations

Imagine your next phone-a-thon, beach cleanup, or another volunteer event. Your volunteers are working harder than ever, but everyone is smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves. Teams that mesh so well doesn’t happen overnight. The best nonprofits know how essential teamwork is and cultivate better collaboration through team building. Whether you work with hundreds of volunteers or

Customize VicTouch Access and Exit Codes

Tip of the Week May 17, 2021 If your organization uses the VicTouch module, please note we recommend using it in kiosk mode whenever possible. The kiosk mode causes the display to fill the entire screen. This hides the URL address and web browser controls to make access more secure. You can find information on

6 Policies Your Volunteer Program Should Have

6 Policies Your Volunteer Program Should Have

Volunteering has become an increasingly popular activity in the U.S. Today, more than 77 million Americans volunteer annually, collectively giving nearly 7 billion hours of their time to charitable causes. Volunteers are an invaluable asset to nonprofit organizations across the country and to the people they serve.  Though volunteers are distinct from paid employees, that doesn’t

Archive Inactive Records to Keep Service Information and Save Money

Tip of the Week May 10, 2021 Your Volgistics database is divided into archived and non-archived sections. The Archive is designed for long term storage of inactive volunteers. In your account’s service level, archived records cost significantly less because they have more limited functionality than non-archived records. For example, archived volunteers cannot be tagged or

Why Insurance Is Important for Volunteer Organizations

Why Insurance Is Important for Volunteer Organizations

Many nonprofit organizations rely heavily on volunteers to fulfill their mission. Volunteers can be a wonderful asset, but they can also be a liability. Have you considered what would happen if a volunteer were injured on the job or if they mistreated a client? What if they stole money from your organization? There are also general

Track Messages Received by Volunteers on the History Tab

Tip of the Week May 3, 2021 Each time a volunteer is a recipient of an email, text, or Vic Mail message from your account, an entry is added to the Messages section of the volunteer’s History tab. This feature tracks custom email and text messages sent by System Operators as well as automatic messages