Zoo Volunteer Management Software

Zoos rely on their volunteer base to run smoothly, so effective volunteer management is absolutely vital, no matter how big or small the location. Volgistics has the tools and resources to make managing zoo volunteers easier and the scalability to fit any location!

Core Features

Volgistics serves as a comprehensive volunteer tracking and scheduling software for zoos, including several features that are designed to help you easily manage and communicate with volunteers. Click the links below to find out how Volgistics can help your zoo handle daily volunteer tasks:


Advertise, collect, and process applications easily with Volgistics' zoo volunteer recruiting software. Our customizable forms will post easily to your website, and submitted forms will be sent straight to your Volgistics inbox. Once you accept an application, the data collected will be automatically populated into a new volunteer profile, reducing manual entry. On top of it all, these forms can be posted and updated on your website with little to no website assistance, meaning reduced IT costs!

People interested in volunteering fill out online applications that you tailor to the needs of your organization. Choose the fields you want and these are automatically transferred to the volunteer's record when you accept the application. Including fields for recording the applicant's skills and areas of interest makes it easy to match volunteers with the assignments they would like to serve in!


Find volunteer records easily with Volgistics' zoo volunteer tracking system. The software allows you to save, search, and filter records based on age, type, location, service preferences, and customizable flags. Make it easy to find people by including detailed information on each volunteer, such as emergency contacts, parents and guardians, references, employers, and even volunteer photos. Customizable fields are also available for you to track items unique to your organization.

Records can also include date histories of the volunteer's standing with your organization, trainings completed, and award history. The Checklist feature makes it easy to track if volunteers have completed mandatory requirements such as new volunteer orientations, guide or docent training, or background checks.

Service Records

Volgistics' volunteer tracking software features complete service histories in each volunteer record, showing hours served along with the dates, times, and assignments completed. With our reporting capabilities, Volgistics reporting software can generate this information for individuals and group volunteers. Our software can even keep track of quotas to see who met their service requirements.

If volunteers are required to complete a certain number of hours for community service, or to earn membership passes to your zoo, Volgistics makes tracking these easy. Enter the number of hours required and the date the service must be completed by, and use Volgistics' powerful reporting features to find whether or not volunteers have completed the mandate. With the optional VicNet online access module, volunteers can even log-in to see a progress chart toward meeting the goal.

Online Volunteer Portal

Make volunteer tracking easier with the optional VicNet online access portal. This module of our volunteer system allows your volunteers to access their individual accounts from any internet-connected computer. Once signed in to the secure portal, volunteers can download forms, schedule assignments, update contact information, receive messages, and review their service. They can even enter their own service hour information!

Automatic Service Recording

With the optional VicTouch module, volunteers sign-in and sign-out for service at a touch screen kiosk. This automatically creates a detailed service entry on the volunteer's record so service information is available for individual or organization-wide reports-freeing you and your staff from entering volunteer service hours manually!

Text and Email Volunteers

Stay in touch with your volunteers with Volgistics' built-in communication features. Quickly send email or text messages to individuals, groups or entire departments, and customize your HTML emails with photos, font choices, tables, and other formatting options! Also, you can send out daily or monthly automatic schedule reminders to help reduce your no-shows!


Create and track volunteer awards to improve participation and morale among your volunteer base. Use the Volgistics' zoo volunteer database management system to create awards based on hours of service, years of service, or other performance measures.


Ready-made reports are available to get a wide variety of information. Run lists of trainings completed, awards received, contact information and more. Volunteer service reports can be organized by areas or departments in your organization, or by individual volunteers. You can also customize reports to include the information you need.

Multi-Site Access

Volgistics' volunteer scheduling and reporting system for zoos also includes a Site Level Access feature, which allows multi-site zoos to easily manage their volunteers in a single system. Headquarters-level operators can have access to all volunteer records, assignments, and reports, while Site Level Operators can only see information for the zoo location they are assigned to, making it easy to track information for compliance, awards, and general volunteer standardization.


Volgistics offers options for transferring your existing volunteer information to your new account. Pick the option that's right for you, so you can get started using Volgistics' database management software for zoo volunteers.

Document Storage

Volgistics’ document storage system eases the document management process for zoo volunteers. With the multiple capabilities of VicDocs, Zoo managers can easily upload and attach important documents, such as contact forms, applications, and waiver forms. Through our VicDocs module, zoos can store documents in multiple formats, such as PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, JPG, PNG, and more!

On top of it all, Volgistics provides extensive customer support for our volunteer system customers, with a broad library of video tutorials and a dedicated support team with a quick response time.

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