Protect Your Account with Strong Passwords

Tip of the Week April 15, 2024 Data security is often at the forefront of the news, what with people theoretically hacking toothbrushes and getting password dumps from major companies. We strive to make your Volgistics account secure behind the scenes, and prevent unauthorized users from gaining access by using three-part authentication for login, and

Helpful Hints for VicNet Passwords

Tip of the Week April 8, 2024 If your organization uses the VicNet module, your volunteers will login using their email address and a password. The VicNet Ground Rules page allows you to manage password settings, including strength requirements, minimum length, and how often they expire. And volunteers can choose to update their password at

Add training links to VicNet

Tip of the Week April 1, 2024 If your organization uses the VicNet module you can place a link on the Home page of VicNet to training materials the volunteers need. Volunteers can login and click the link to be taken to the web address that has the information. This allows you to post links

Link to Volunteer Websites

Tip of the Week March 25, 2024 Volunteer records in Volgistics have a Web site field on the Core tab. On group records, this field can be used to record the organization’s web site. On individual volunteer records, you can record the volunteer’s personal web page or their page on sites such as Facebook or

Volgistics Has Guides for VicTouch and VicNet

Tip of the Week March 18, 2024 If your organization uses the VicTouch or VicNet modules, Volgistics offers guides and tutorials for your volunteers! Volunteer Guide for VicTouch has information for the VicTouch module. The direct link for this is: Volunteer Guide for VicTouch Volunteer Guide for VicNet has information for volunteers using the beta

See Notifications on the Welcome Page

Tip of the Week March 11, 2024 The Welcome page in Volgistics is the first page operators will see when they log in. In addition to providing new feature messages, account statistics, birthday lists, and tips of the week (like this one), the Welcome Page will also include a Mail section directing operators’ attention to

National Volunteer Week Approaching

Tip of the Week March 4, 2024 National Volunteer Week is coming up! Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers to tackle society’s greatest challenges, to build stronger communities and be a force that transforms the world. It’s also used to

Simplify VicNet Access for Users With Multiple Records

Tip of the Week February 19, 2024 If your organization uses the VicNet module you may have users who have both a volunteer record and a Coordinator record in your account. In these cases, when the user logs into the VicNet module they’ll need to enter the appropriate email address and password to be logged

Post Service Hours From the Schedule

Tip of the Week February 12, 2024 In Volgistics, schedules and service are tracked separately. The Schedule is a plan of when volunteers are expected to serve in the future, while Service is a record of when they actually served in the past. Past schedule entries do not count as service automatically, but using the