Run Service Reports for a Single Site, Place, or Assignment

Tip of the Week April 12, 2021 When you run Service Summary or Service Details reports, there may be times when you want to limit the service information included on the report to one particular Assignment, or to just the Assignments that fall under a particular Site or Place in your account. You can learn

Hosting Virtual Fundraising Events


COVID-19 has changed the way we do a lot of things, including fundraising. Preventive measures established by the Centers for Disease Control made in-person fundraisers challenging to host. Now, charity events require creative and innovative thinking, transitioning into the virtual world. Even when fundraising events are transitioning online, that doesn’t mean you lose the positive

Finding a Volunteer’s Application Date and/or When the Record Was Added to Your Database

Tip of the Week April 05, 2021 If you use online application forms to receive information from prospective volunteers, you may sometimes need to know when a volunteer submitted their application. There is not a field in Volgistics that tracks this exact date because application information is usually routed to the Applications tab of your

Give Access to the Volgistics Store Without Giving Access to Your Volunteer Database.

Tip of the Week March 29, 2021 In many organizations, payment and billing is taken care of by a person in a department outside of volunteer services. In these cases, you can provide them with access to the Volgistics Store for your account without giving access to the volunteer database used to manage your records.

View a Sent Email Message to See Recipients

Tip of the Week March 22, 2021 Volgistics keeps a list of sent email messages on the History tab of each volunteer’s record. While this is useful if you know the names of the volunteers who a message was sent to, there are times when you may not remember this information. In these cases, you

Budgeting Tips for Volunteer Organizations

Budgeting Tips for Volunteer Organizations

As a leader for a volunteer organization, you have meaningful goals — to improve your community, to support marginalized groups, or to raise awareness for important issues. Despite the nobility of your cause, you need more than tenacity and enthusiasm to make a difference. You also need funds, and volunteer program costs and donations tend

Receive Self-Scheduling Alerts by Email or Text as a System Operator

Tip of the Week March 15, 2021 Self-scheduling alerts can be setup on the Schedule ‘Rules’ tab of each Assignment record to send notifications whenever a volunteer adds or removes themselves from that Assignment’s Schedule. These notifications can be sent to system operators via the Volgistics Mailbox and/or to coordinators by email or text message.

National Volunteer Week Approaching

Tip of the Week March 08, 2021 National Volunteer Week is coming up! National Volunteer Week was established to inspire people to volunteer to make their communities a better place, to promote the recognition of volunteers, and to encourage volunteerism in general. The U.S. and Canada will celebrate NVW this year from April 18-24, 2021.

Setup automatic reports to remind you to change a youth volunteer’s record when they become adults

Tip of the Week March 01, 2021 Many organizations separate adult and youth volunteers by giving them different Types in their account such as “Adult” and “Junior.” There is not a way to automatically change the volunteer’s Type when they reach a specific age, but you can create a report to automatically be run to

Include Archived Volunteers in Excel Spreadsheet Reports

Tip of the Week February 22, 2021 Your Volgistics database is divided into archived and non-archived sections. The Archive is designed for long term storage of inactive volunteers. In your account’s service level, archived records cost significantly less because they have more limited functionality than non-archived records. For example, archived volunteers cannot be tagged or