Strategic Fundraising For Volunteer Orgs

It’s a tale as old as time: Nonprofits fundraising from private, individual donors to conduct operations, host events, stabilize operations, and grow. There are more registered nonprofits today than any other point in history. The vast majority of these organizations name funding as a top challenge, as they seek to grow donor pools and fundraised

Importance of Culture in Volunteer Organizations

Importance of Culture in Volunteer Organizations

When it comes to attracting volunteers, many nonprofits laser-focus on their volunteer recruitment and retention programs themselves, fine-tuning these operations until they run like clockwork. Yet what if the secret to stronger volunteerism was something larger? Zoom out the camera, and your broader organizational culture could have that make-or-break effect on creating unparalleled volunteer experiences

Budgeting Tips for Volunteer Organizations

Budgeting Tips for Volunteer Organizations

As a leader for a volunteer organization, you have meaningful goals — to improve your community, to support marginalized groups, or to raise awareness for important issues. Despite the nobility of your cause, you need more than tenacity and enthusiasm to make a difference. You also need funds, and volunteer program costs and donations tend

Increase Your Volunteers By Improving the Volunteer Experience

Improving the Volunteer Experience

Volunteers in the United States are a powerful, constructive force. In 2018, 77.4 million Americans volunteered their time and efforts, working for a cumulative 6.9 billion hours and producing an estimated $167 billion worth of labor. They generate tremendous value for the organizations they serve — both economically and intangibly with warmth, goodwill, passion, and determination. Given

How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion at Your Volunteer Organization


Inclusion and diversity in volunteerism have become a hot topic for nonprofits lately. These organizations dedicate themselves to helping the community. Still, they struggle to find volunteers and even staff and leadership that represent the communities they serve. Let’s talk more about how to create a more inclusive volunteer program and why it’s so important. 

Why Volunteer Training Programs Are Important

Why Volunteer Training Programs are Important

Training programs for volunteers may look different for every organization depending on what your program does and what you want your volunteers to achieve. However, for most organizations and companies, the purpose of volunteer training is to assist volunteers in completing their roles independently. Trainees should feel confident in their jobs, feeling they can achieve

How to Switch From Manual Volunteer Management to Volunteer Management Software

How to Switch From Manual Volunteer Management to Volunteer Management Software

With paper files to organize, staff turnover, information silos across various software and filing cabinets, and scheduling conflicts, manual volunteer management can be a labor of love — but it doesn’t have to be. Volunteer management software is an administrative platform that helps your team simplify existing processes with faster, more efficient recruitment, compliance, tracking,

How to Reengage Inactive Donors for Sustainable Giving

How to Reengage Inactive Donors for Sustainable Giving

As an organization that relies on donations, you may be looking for a way to achieve more sustainable giving. Reengaging inactive donors is an effective way to increase donor retention because they’re already familiar with you. Instead of starting from step one with a new donor, make an effort to reconnect with lapsed donors and

Guide To Corporate Partnerships For Nonprofits

Guide to Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits

If you manage a nonprofit, you know how vital external contributions can be. Corporate giving makes up a valuable part of those contributions — in 2019, charitable contributions from corporations amounted to about $449.6 billion.  What if you want to develop a permanent, mutually beneficial partnership with a local corporation or business? Building corporate-nonprofit partnerships

Guide To Writing a Volunteer Job Description

How to write a job description that volunteers will love

If your organization relies on volunteers, you know how essential it is to attract good people. Your volunteers may form the backbone of your programs, performing the day-in and day-out work that allows you to focus on the long-term impact and growth your mission can achieve. You need your volunteers to be compassionate, hardworking, trustworthy,