Spread holiday cheer with Greeting Cards

Tip of the Week October 18, 2021 If your organization uses the VicTouch module, you can create holiday cards which will be displayed when volunteers sign-in. The setup options allow you to customize a heading and message, and choose a date range for when the cards will be shown. You can use the graphics that

Keep billing procedures accessible and ready

Tip of the Week October 04, 2021 As renewal dates approach and/or administrative personnel change, it can be important to make sure that there are authorized staff handling the billing for your Volgistics account and that they are able to access the Store, receive billing notifications, and know how and when to plan future payments.

Stopping Automatic Reports

Tip of the Week September 27, 2021 Volgistics has a feature that can be setup so that certain reports will automatically process during the overnight maintenance cycle. These reports can be delivered to your account’s In Box tab on a certain day each week, or on a certain date each month. There may be times,

Include Volunteer Names on ‘Child’ Records in Excel Reports

Tip of the Week September 20, 2021 In databases, a ‘child’ record is a piece of information that relates back to one particular record. Because Excel Spreadsheet reports are designed to be able to contain a very large amount of detailed volunteer information such as service entries and checklist dates, it is necessary to create

Track Assignments Automatically

Tip of the Week September 13, 2021 In Volgistics, a volunteer’s Role in an assignment shows their relationship to the assignment. For example, a Role of Assigned means that the volunteer is actively serving while a Role of Substitute might mean the volunteer is available to fill in for other volunteers in that assignment. The

How Volunteering Supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

How Volunteering Supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

If you lead a nonprofit, you likely understand the value of volunteers for your organization. Volunteers make a difference by donating their time and energy to an organization they believe in. But the impacts of volunteering can go beyond fulfilling your organization’s immediate needs. Volunteer work can help make the world a better place for

Use the Contacts Tab to Record Secondary Contacts for Group Records

Tip of the Week September 6, 2021 If your organization uses group records, you can record the main contact’s name, address, phone number, and email on the Core tab of the group record. However, there may be times when you need to record additional contacts. In this case, you can create a new contact Kind

Limit the Rights or Access to Volgistics for Specific System Operators

Tip of the Week August 30, 2021 If a Volgistics Account will utilize the services of system operators other than just the account’s Administrator(s), it may be important to define specific limits of the rights or access for those users. This way they aren’t able to, or don’t have to, manage more settings than exceeds

Becoming a Volunteer 101: How to Prepare for Your Volunteer Experience

How to Prepare for Your Volunteer Experience

Volunteering is an enriching experience, with many possibilities available to anyone who wants to pursue the noble goal of doing good. If you’ve decided to give your time to a worthy cause, congratulations! You’re about to join the ranks of the roughly 25% of Americans who volunteer their time.  Volunteering can be a lot of