Launching a Skills-Based Volunteer Program

Launching a Skills-Based Volunteer Program

When a skills-based volunteer works on a project, they give it their best effort. Volunteer programs exist to better the community instead of generating a profit. Volunteers contribute their time and talents to your organization’s mission because they believe in it. And skills-based volunteers have their work cut out for them because they are fulfilling

Use the Find Fields, and the Advanced Options, to Locate Volunteer Records

Tip of the Week July 26, 2021 When you’re searching for specific groups of volunteer records, the Basic options on the Volunteers page provide a powerful search tool. For example, to locate just Active Adult volunteers, select “Active” from the Status dropdown and “Adult” from the Type dropdown, and then click the “All” link. However,

Tips to Convert Volunteers Into Donors

Tips to Convert Volunteers Into Donors

People who volunteer and donate money to an organization are known as “super supporters” for a good reason. These philanthropists are some of your most valuable supporters, as donors who volunteer are more likely to continue giving annually because they’re more engaged. Almost 90% of volunteers say there’s a correlation between their work and the causes they

Find a percentage of volunteers returning after COVID

Many volunteer programs wonder about how the COVID pandemic impacted their volunteer programs. This blog post will show you how to use the tools in Volgistics to get a percentage for the number of volunteers who are serving again compared with the number that were serving before the shutdown. To start, you’ll build a Set

Five Benefits of Volunteer Software During COVID-19

Five Benefits of Volunteer Software During COVID-19

Organizations are changing the way they handle their volunteers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created guidelines for people to follow to keep our communities safer, and these guidelines resulted in strict mandates that left people wondering how they can step up and make their communities

Add States (Or Provinces) to Dropdown

Tip of the Week July 12, 2021 When Volgistics accounts are created, the State/Province dropdown list is only populated with the organization’s home state or province. However, you can add other states or provinces to this list at any time via account setup. To do this, Select Setup from the menu. Expand the Field options

Send Email to Listed Volunteers from the Volunteers Page

Tip of the Week July 05, 2021 When you’re sending an email message from the Out Box tab of the Volgistics Mailbox, you can choose to send it to a single volunteer, tagged volunteers, all the volunteers in your database, or just the volunteers who have a certain Status or who are in a certain

Use Schedule Icons to Determine How a Volunteer Is Scheduled

Tip of the Week June 28, 2021 In Volgistics, volunteers can be scheduled in two different ways: without openings and within openings. Some volunteers may be added directly to the schedule, while others may be assigned to fill specific openings that have been setup within Assignments. The “Two Ways to Schedule” section of help topic

Creating and Maintaining System Operator Records

Tip of the Week June 21, 2021 The credentials for the first Administrator in an account are created from the trial account information used when the account is started. Thereafter, the Administrator creates and maintains all System Operator records for the account. The Volgistics Team does not assign, or update, login credentials for operators. Your

Import and Print Schedule in Excel

Tip of the Week June 14, 2021 Volgistics’ Schedule Reports are available in PDF format. However, there may be times you want to have the schedule in Excel format. There is not a report within Volgistics that is able to do this, but you can use the features in Excel to get the schedule information