Effective Volunteer Retention Strategies

Guide to Volunteer Retention

It’s no secret that volunteers are the backbone of any nonprofit organization or program. Volunteers offer their time, effort, knowledge, and skills to help reach goals and fulfill the organization’s mission. As a program or organization leader, you can learn how to retain volunteers who bring experience and dependable skills for even greater success. With

Promoting Volunteers to Greater Responsibility

Promoting Volunteers to Greater Responsibility

Your organization values all of your volunteers, but some stand out as ready to step up and assume new levels of responsibility. Promoting those who are ready and willing not only fills vital leadership roles, but it keeps volunteer satisfaction levels high. Additionally, when these experienced volunteers are challenged, they’re more likely to remain with

5 Ways to Handle Volunteer Team Conflict

5 ways to handle volunteer team conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of any relationship. Volunteers may feel frustrated by each others’ performance, disagree with how you allocate funds, or dislike their assignments. While you likely can’t avoid ideological differences and friction, there are many ways to prevent some conflicts and manage those that slip through the cracks. Explore how to prevent

Can You Pay Your Volunteers?

Can you pay your volunteers?

Many nonprofit organizations maintain a combination of employees and volunteers to achieve their goals. However, this structure can also spark questions, especially about payment — should volunteers receive compensation for their work? Nonprofit leaders want to create the best experience for their volunteers but might wonder how they should compensate them for their dedication. Some

Virtual Volunteering: How Does It Work?

Virtual Volunteering: How Does It Work?

People who volunteer are often looking to contribute their time and energy to a cause that they believe in. In doing so, they can selflessly devote their efforts to various missions in the hopes of helping others. Unfortunately, having the free time to volunteer in person isn’t an option that everyone has. Between work and

How to Keep Volunteers From Getting Bored

How to keep volunteers from getting bored

Your volunteers handle essential organization functions, from nonprofit campaigns to internal opportunities. Engaging your existing volunteers can help you improve retention. Reasons Volunteers Quit or Don’t Return Volunteers have many personal and external reasons why they might choose to stop volunteering. To increase volunteer retention at your organization, you must understand why volunteers leave to

Why You Need a Volunteer Onboarding Process

After recruiting volunteers, you can integrate them into your organization through volunteer onboarding. The onboarding process allows volunteers to learn more about their place in your organization. Onboarding volunteers is more than teaching the policies and procedures — it is a strategy to ensure your volunteers remain committed to the mission. With an onboarding process,

How to Tell if a Volunteer Is Right for Your Organization

Volgistics Volunteer Logistics

Volunteers are vital because they provide time and skills to advance your organization’s goals. Though employees have similar roles, the key difference between employees and volunteers is that employees are paid while volunteers work without receiving compensation. Although the employee and volunteer hiring processes differ, you need to find volunteers who share your organization’s values.

How to Make Volunteers Feel Like They Make a Difference

Volunteers contribute to the health and safety of communities worldwide. By donating their time, millions of volunteers make a difference in others’ lives daily. From cleaning up litter to tutoring young students to answering crisis lines, these actions show compassion and care for those around us. It’s crucial to remind your volunteers of their importance.

Should You Buy Your Volunteers Appreciation Gifts?

Should you buy your volunteers appreciation gifts?

With the holiday season right around the corner, you may be looking for ways to express gratitude for your volunteers. After all, giving volunteers a small token of your appreciation might seem like the least you could do, considering all they do to help you work toward your mission. As a nonprofit organization, you have