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Organizations need a cost effective way to manage volunteer information, especially in tough economic times. Volgistics is it. The average Volgistics service fee is less than $1 per year for each volunteer tracked; and there are no start-up or licensing costs, or additional fees for support or upgrades.

You pay a monthly service fee to use Volgistics. The service fee is based on the number of volunteers you want to track, the number of different system operators you need, and if you want to use VicNet or VicTouch. You can use the Price Calculator below to determine what the exact monthly service fee will be for the services you want to use. Click here to learn how to pay for Volgistics

Price calculator

Use this Price Calculator to calculate the monthly rate for Volgistics with the exact capabilities you need for your organization. Choose the service level and options you want. The total monthly cost for the services you choose appears below.

Service Level

Number of volunteer records you want to manage :
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Number of archived volunteer records you want to store :
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Total number of system operators you want :
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VicNet   No
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VicTouch   No
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VicDocs   No
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Total monthly rate: $

Need a printed Invoice?

If you have a trial or paid account, you can get a printable Order-Invoice for any service level at the Store.

Cost savings

With Volgistics....

  • There are no software, licensing, or custom programming services to buy.
  • Your account includes on-line technical support: there's no additional ongoing support cost.
  • You don't have to buy software upgrades every year or two. Improvements are introduced periodically and automatically.
  • There is no need to maintain private network connections between volunteer programs at remote sites.
  • Internal information service costs are reduced since there's no software to install or maintain, and no need to make your own backups.
  • No expensive hardware requirements: you can use Volgistics from virtually any computer that has an Internet connection.