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Change the Name of a Place

Add an Assignment

Change the Name of an Assignment

View Volunteers for an Assignment - Advanced Features

How to Make an Assignment Inactive

Around-the-Clock Scheduling


Setting the Default Date

Substitute Tracking

How to Schedule Substitutes for Regularly Scheduled Volunteers

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Entering Volunteer Numbers

Tracking Multiple Addresses for the Same Volunteer

Delete Volunteer Records

When and How to Archive Volunteer Records

Restore a Single Archived Volunteer Record

Restore All Archived Volunteer Records

How to Permanently Mark Tagged Records

How to change a Volunteer's Start Date

How do I enter training for lots of volunteers in one step?

How can I enter phone number extensions?

Record Assignments Automatically

Automatic Volunteer Numbers

Setting Up Volunteer & Assignment Matching

How Volunteer & Assignment Matching Works

How to Make a Mandatory Match Criterion

Using Volunteer & Assignment Matching

Application Form Videos

How to Set Up a Volunteer Application Form

How to Print a Blank Volunteer Application Form

How do I disable an online application form?

Receiving Online Volunteer Applications

Deleting Online Volunteer Applications

Finding a Volunteer's Application Date

Sets Videos

How to Create a Set

Find Volunteers with Information in a Spare Field

How to View the Volunteers in a Set

How to Print a Report for a Set

How can I find active volunteers who have not served recently?

How to Make All Volunteers with No Recent Activity Inactive

How can I find service records not associated with an assignment?

Finding Small or Large Service Entries

How do I make Set names print as part of report titles?

How do I make Site names print as part of report titles?

Service Tracking Videos

How to Setup Service Values

How to enter a volunteer's past hours

How do I make a single hour entry manually?

Why are hour entry dates sometimes changed when I post hours?

How to change an hour entry that's already been posted

How do I track volunteer mileage?

How do I post hours from the schedule?

Identify a Service Entry's Source

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Create automatic reports to track Checklist items

Use Sets with Checklist Items

Printing Reports

Why don't my service reports match?

Running Reports Automatically

How to Stop Automatic Reports

How to Limit System Operator Rights or Access

Schedule Reports

How to Keep All of a Report's Columns on One Page

Including Archived Records on Reports

Print a Report for a Single Archived Volunteer

How to Delete a Report

Run a report for a single Site, Place, or Assignment

Modify Schedule Statistics Reports to Cover Different Time Periods

Including names in child records

Include Archived Volunteers in Excel Spreadsheet Reports

VicNet Videos

VicNet Overview

Setting up VicNet

Previewing VicNet

Password Strength Rules for VicNet

Volunteer Photos in VicNet

Allow Volunteers to See Who Else Is Scheduled

Advertising in VicNet

VicTouch Videos

VicTouch Overview

Setting up VicTouch

Using VicTouch

Allow Volunteers to See Who Else Is Scheduled

VicTouch Holiday Cards

Using VicTouch Greeting Cards as Event Reminders

Display Who's Here at VicTouch

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Setup Site Level Access

Manage Site Level Access

Site Level Access - Establish or Change Volunteer Sites

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Entering and Finding Group Records

Tracking Multiple Contacts for a Group

Scheduling Groups and Posting Hours

Reports When Using Group Records

Checklist and Awards for Group Records

Managing System Operators

Creating and Maintaining System Operator Records

Protect Your Account with Strong Passwords

How to Limit System Operator Rights or Access

Accounting Access Code

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How to Enable Text Messages for Your Account

How Volunteers & Coordinators Opt-in to Text Messaging

How System Operators Opt-in to Text Messaging

How To Send a Text Message

Tracking Email Messages You Have Sent

Make Sure Volunteers Receive Your Email Messages


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Common Mistakes

Managing Staff Turnover

The Volunteer Lifecycle in Volgistics

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Volunteer Background Screening with Verified First

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User Rights and Privileges

VicNet Update and Transitions


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Spring Cleaning

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VicTouch, the Volunteer Time Clock

Communicating with Volunteers

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Why can't I see or find volunteer records?

Award Setup

Combine Awards

Unduplicated Volunteer Count

How to Handle Volunteer Records for Deceased Volunteers

How to customize which fields appear in the volunteer list

Password Strength Rules for System Operators

HTML EMail Messages

Archiving Old Help Inquiries

How To Set Up the Clipboard Copy Feature

How to Add a Purchase Order Number to an Order-Invoice

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