Volunteer Software for Food Banks

If you operate a food bank, you're probably fortunate to have selfless volunteers who sort, stack, and distribute food, as well as clean and organize your mission. Many hands are involved in feeding those in need within your community, and for the busiest times, you could always use a more efficient way to record, organize, and track your volunteers.

We designed Volgistics, a volunteer management system for food banks, to be customizable and scalable for your organization. Volgistics also boosts communication with your volunteers and saves managers time so everyone can better serve the hungry year-round.

Core Features Included in Food Bank Volunteer Management Software

Management software gives you and your volunteers easy access to personalized service reports, planning tools, and need-to-know information that you can tailor with custom fields. Some key features Volgistics offers to make volunteer management easier for food banks include:

Group Volunteer Records

Food bank volunteers often serve in groups alongside co-workers or fellow community members. You can use Volgistics' group tracking features to keep track of the group without entering details for each member of the group. This is especially useful for large corporate groups or service organizations. Using the optional online portal, VicNet, group leaders can also log in to manage their group's profile and schedule.

Fluid Volunteer Scheduling

Not every volunteer can make it to a scheduled meal distribution. Fortunately, with Volgistics, volunteers can log in and update their available hours and schedule when needed. Managers can receive alerts for removals and also post future times for volunteers to signup, helping keep operations fully staffed.

VicTouch — Kiosk for Messages and Sign-in

The VicTouch system is designed for a dedicated touchscreen computer or iPad, so volunteers can sign in when they arrive at your location. At the kiosk, volunteers can also view updates you've shared, such as when to expect a delivery truck or simply a thank-you note for their incredible work. What's more, they can start their shift using the on-site module and have their hours automatically saved in the system when they finish.

Online Application Forms

If a volunteer isn't in your system, they can visit your website and use a custom online application form to add their contact information and details. This feature can help you recruit, engage, and retain new volunteers. Best of all, once you've added the online application form to your website, no web development experience or help from an IT specialist is required to update it. Submitted forms generate new volunteer profiles in Volgistics, eliminating manual entry and reducing back-office processing.

Learn More About Food Bank Volunteer Software

We've built a substantial online library of resources and video tutorials and offer a dedicated support team to help you get started and use the software to its full potential. If you've used a different data system in the past or are transferring records online for the first time, we also offer conversion services.

Contact the Volgistics team for more information about using volunteer management software for your food bank. You can also start a free trial today or register for a guided, live demonstration.

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