Security and privacy of Customers' data is Volgistics' number one priority. Volgistics incorporates many of the same mission-critical security and privacy protections as those used by online banking services.

Volgistics uses a layered approach to security, and strives to follow industry standard 'best practices' at each level. Security begins with the physical security of the Volgistics data center, continues to network security, and ends with the protection of the data itself.

Physical security

The Volgistics system is operated exclusively by Volgistics from a secure data center. The data center is located in the central United States. The physical environment is designed to keep data and equipment secure 24 hours a day, including 24x7 secured access, security alarms, video surveillance, smoke and fire detection, and fire suppression systems. Authorized Volgistics employees are the only people who have access to the Volgistics system.

Network security

Volgistics strictly safeguards Customer data and transactions while they are in transit. Volgistics uses up to 256-bit secured-socket layer (SSL) data encryption—the same level of encryption used in most online banking. In legacy systems, 128-bit SSL encryption may be used.

With SSL, all of your volunteer information is encrypted – or scrambled – as it travels back and forth between your computer and the Volgistics data center. Even if someone were able to intercept the information as it traveled over the internet, it would be meaningless to them in this encrypted form. This is a higher level of security than that used internally on most corporate networks.

Volgistics uses Cisco stateful-inspection hardware firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to the Volgistics network.

Volgistics uses Extended Validation SSL Certificates, also known as EV Certificates, to provide strict validation requirements and strong visual signals to verify security. The certificate verifies that all data claimed to have originated from the Volgistics web site did, in fact, originate from that site, and that it has not been tampered with along the way. A digital certificate is the industry standard, and can be neither forged nor decoded with current or foreseeable technology.

Data security

Designed expressly for secure internet operations, the Volgistics database itself includes advanced security, data integrity, and encryption protections. Volgistics data never leaves the control of Volgistics. Backup data is encrypted for additional protection.

Volgistics also protects your data with the strict privacy policy.

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