Engaging Highly Skilled Volunteers

Engaging Highly Skilled Volunteers

As your organization works to advance its cause, you’ll need a workforce to get the job done. People volunteer for plenty of reasons, from logging community service hours to enhancing their resumes. Whatever their reason for volunteering, these selfless acts benefit your organization’s mission. Sometimes, you need more than a few new volunteers putting in

Engaging Top-Quality Volunteers

Engaging Top Quality Volunteers

Volunteering has hit a record high in recent years, with more people donating their time and efforts to make a difference in the lives of others. High-quality, passionate volunteers are the face and heart of an organization or project. They are the ones who show up prepared for the task at hand and ready to work

How to Give Thanks for Your Volunteers This Thanksgiving

Turkey time is just around the corner, and it’s more important than ever to show your volunteers just how much you value them. Take this November as a time for giving thanks for volunteers, with some simple but effective tokens of appreciation. Recognize Them Online Create a post on social media that props up your

How to Recruit and Engage Millennial Volunteers

Millennials are often portrayed as naive and spoiled, but those stereotypes are terribly unfair. These young people, ages 18-34, grew up during the Great Recession, and they have strong beliefs and ideals that make them an excellent group of volunteers. Would you like to find ways to reach out to this generation? Use our tips