How to Recruit and Engage Millennial Volunteers

Millennials are often portrayed as naive and spoiled, but those stereotypes are terribly unfair. These young people, ages 18-34, grew up during the Great Recession, and they have strong beliefs and ideals that make them an excellent group of volunteers.

Would you like to find ways to reach out to this generation? Use our tips on recruiting millennial volunteers to help you connect with this energetic group.

Reach Out Digitally to Potential Volunteers

Millennial spend more time on connected devices than the generations before them. Approaching them through email or on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms will be more effective than mailing a flyer to their homes. Make it easy for them to respond to your call to action by allowing volunteers to sign up online. You can use volunteer management software like Volgistics to make this process easier.

You’ll also want to do other things online once you’ve made an initial connection, such as:

  • Sending text message reminders about upcoming volunteer shifts
  • Offering digital surveys to get feedback on your training
  • With their permission, tagging volunteers in event photos on your social media feed and encouraging them to share

Stay in Touch After an Event

Millennials value personal relationships. They like to feel appreciated. In addition to thanking them for their time, you should check in with them with a friendly “hello” every couple of months. Don’t press them to volunteer. Just see how they’re doing and perhaps offer an update on something you discussed during their volunteer stint, like a new project. This communication gives your organization a human element that millennials tend to value.

Provide Chances to Gain Professional Experience

Many millennials are just entering the workforce or seeking their first chance for advancement. Anything you can do to assist them as they climb the ladder will be appreciated, from meet and greets for volunteers that give them a place to network to practical experience at your charity that they can list on their resume.

Discuss Their Views on Your Organization

Millennials have a fresh take on the world that can benefit any organization. Talk to them about their observations regarding your charity. Ask for suggestions on how to better connect with your target audience, or gain a fresh perspective on your social media best practices. Remember, when you recruit millennial volunteers, you get a chance to see your nonprofit from a different perspective, so take advantage of any insights they give you.

Be Authentic in All Your Communication

Millennials prefer assisting organizations that are straightforward and honest in how they portray themselves. They’re a savvy, sophisticated group when it comes to marketing, and they do not like being talked down to. Don’t use “tricks” to get their attention, such as intrusive advertisements. Rely on your message and its relationship to their lives to resonate with them and draw them in.

When you follow these guidelines, you’ll have an easier time recruiting and engaging with millennial volunteers. If you’d like to see how our software can help, contact Volgistics to see a demo today.

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