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Our cities and towns are more than mere place names on any map, they're the communities where we build the bonds that make our neighborhoods stronger, safer, and more welcoming. That's why, for people who work with civic projects and organizations made up of volunteers, it might not come as a surprise that in the first half of 2018, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service, over 62 million U.S. volunteers have put in over seven billion hours for a total estimated value of $184 billion.

With statistics like these, it's no wonder that responsive volunteer management software for municipalities is becoming the standard for so many civic-minded organizations that want to fulfill their missions, grow their volunteer base, and meet the needs of their communities. This change is why Volgistics’ volunteer management software is a great system for cities. From event planning and volunteer recruiting to daily scheduling and tracking, this powerful software is helping organizations save time and resources — plus, it finally makes going paperless a reality.

Core Features

Volgistics serves as a comprehensive volunteer tracking and scheduling software for municipalities, with features designed to help you with the management of your volunteer base. Find out how Volgistics can help your city's volunteer management with:


Without a volunteer recruiting system for municipalities that works in a fast, responsive fashion, the lifeblood of an organization can be in jeopardy. Fortunately, with Volgistics' volunteer recruiting software for cities, posting volunteer opportunities on your website and gathering new volunteers' information can all be accomplished without laborious website design or data entry. Plus, once you've collected new data, the sync of this information with your larger database is effortless.


If you're like most volunteer managers, manual scheduling often takes up a significant portion of your day. Then, when changes occur, you're still left with the occasional double-up or empty shift. But with volunteer scheduling software, your municipality can save substantial time and become more accurate in your scheduling.

With Volgistics' volunteer scheduling system for cities, creating one-time, interval, and ongoing schedules can all be done with a few clicks. And the efficiency doesn't stop there. Through the VicNet portal, volunteers can sign themselves up for open shifts online or remove themselves when they can't make a shift.

Database Management

The right volunteer database management system for municipality applications can make the storage and updating of your organization's vital information a breeze. This is why Volgistics’ designed a volunteer database management software that does not require complex installation.

Along with being user-friendly and customizable to keep up with your specific needs, the entire system is accessible from wherever you have an internet connection. Plus, the software features automatic backups and the capability to communicate with your volunteers via their preferred channel, such as through email or text messages.


The volunteer tracking hours software supports customize and tracking of volunteer records. With maximum flexibility, the system puts you squarely in charge of how you track your volunteers — from their skill sets to hours worked.

Application Forms

The application form management system for city volunteers allows quick collection of new volunteer information through online forms, which you get to customize and embed in your website. Then, it takes the collected data and automatically updates your database, saving you and your organization valuable time and resources formerly spent on manual data entry.

Document Storage

Volunteer document storage software for cities is the way for your organization to finally go paperless. With it, you can say goodbye to overstuffed filing cabinets and lost folders due to incorrect filing. Now, all of your important files and documents can be electronically, securely, and accurately stored.


Generating reports can be time-consuming, yet necessary. But now, with volunteer reporting software for municipalities, you can meet all of your reporting deadlines in a fraction of the time it took you previously. Our volunteer reporting system for cities allows you to quickly generate both standard and custom reports via one simple-to-use interface. Format Excel spreadsheets, create mailing labels, and make your reporting tasks a whole lot easier.

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