Volunteer Software for Municipalities

From beautification to emergency response and administrative services, your citizens can offer their time in many ways on your city or municipality's behalf. Depending on the population and range of services you oversee, it can be time-consuming or challenging to keep track of volunteers.

That's where Volgistics, the volunteer management solution for cities and counties, helps improve the efficiency of recruiting, scheduling, informing, and understanding your volunteers through a uniquely scalable system.

Core Features of Municipality Volunteer Software

Volgistics is a paperless volunteer database that simplifies sorting and reporting, allowing you to build profiles, broadcast messages to volunteers via text and email, and modify schedules.

We offer a robust set of digital tools for municipalities, such as:

Site Level Access

If there are multiple departments or locations in your civic organization, Volgistics uses a permission-based hierarchy to limit supervisors of the department so they can only be able to manage the volunteers they're responsible for. This feature makes Volgistics more user-friendly for operators, while the headquarters administration can maintain oversight and pull volunteer service reports at the level they choose.

Online Application Forms

Provide citizens who are considering volunteerism a convenient application through your municipality's website. You can create custom forms for different locales or types of services — whatever pertains to your organization best. There's no labor-intensive web design or background in IT necessary to create or host these applications. When you receive an application, processing into the Volgistics database happens automatically, shortening the addition of dozens, sometimes hundreds of citizen volunteers in a given period.

Service Reporting and Valuation

Volgistics provides the most flexible volunteer management for cities and counties with customized service details such as parks cleaned up or community events managed. Volunteer reporting capabilities also help you calculate the estimated dollar value of completed services and track historical values. With Volgistics, you can know how much of an impact public service efforts are making for your local government and even set up awards for the top contributors making a difference.

Background Screening

Municipalities need to know that their volunteers are qualified and have up-to-date required background checks. Volgistics allows you to build a custom list of mandatory items, such as a criminal history check, health screening, or orientation.

By including completion dates in an entry, you can know when any expiration dates approach and remind your volunteers to renew so they can stay in active service. Volgistics also partners with Verified First, an award-winning background screening provider, for streamlined background checks, to help speed up collecting information for the type of check you want to complete.

Learn More About Solutions for Municipality Volunteer Management

Volgistics can help you convert your volunteer records from your existing database to our platform. We have technical support specialists standing by to provide prompt answers to requests and a library of video tutorials and articles to reference.

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