Volunteer Software for Animal Shelters

Animal shelters often depend on volunteers for general animal care such as feeding, grooming, walking, and training. With many tasks and responsibilities to manage, keeping volunteers organized and informed can be challenging and time-consuming.

Volgistics is a fully online platform that makes volunteer management easier and scalable to the scope of needs of your animal center. Featuring a user-friendly interface that helps you track and communicate with volunteers, Volgistics also allows volunteer managers to customize the platform and keep workers engaged at every level. Animal welfare organizations can make onboarding seamless by using Volgistics to organize your volunteer orientation and new volunteer applications.

Core Features of the Volunteer Management System for Animal Centers

Volunteer leaders and staff managers can use Volgistics to simplify managing their animal shelter volunteers. You can build volunteer profiles and save details such as age, location, emergency contacts, references, and employers, and create custom fields, such as their service preferences and the animals they're responsible for. Read on to see how Volgistics is enhancing the volunteer experience by supporting Animal welfare organizations with their volunteer management.

Learn more about the key features for animal shelters below.


VicTouch uses an optional, on-site kiosk where you can let animal rescue volunteers sign in and out for their shifts. The module greets volunteers when they arrive at your shelter and automatically logs working time, eliminating the need for you to manually input hours. We recommend using a dedicated touchscreen computer or iPad for the volunteer kiosk.


VicNet is an online volunteer portal where volunteers can view and manage their own info and schedules. VicNet is accessible through any internet-connected device at home or work, and each shelter volunteer receives a Volgistics profile for access.

Volunteers can set their schedules and alert you if they can't make it. Plus, messages you share on VicNet are also displayed to volunteers using the VicTouch kiosk, keeping them up to date on deliveries and events, or giving them a thank-you for all their hard work.

Online Application Forms

Grow your community engagement and fill openings more easily with Volgistics. For a simpler application process, you can create and post custom forms on your website without relying on a website designer or IT personnel. Applications automatically generate volunteer profiles from the details supplied. With less back-office processing to do, volunteers can get started faster, and your shelter can focus more on quality animal care.

Tracking Mandatory Service

Volunteers who are completing service requirements can have their hours and progression tracked in Volgistics. Managers or leaders can set custom assignments and quotas to individual volunteers. The platform allows both you and your volunteers to review service hours with in-depth reporting features, which is especially helpful if high school and college students volunteer at your animal shelter.

Learn More About Animal Shelter Volunteer Management Solutions

Volgistics is a convenient and flexible volunteer management software for humane societies and animal shelters. If you have existing volunteer data, Volgistics can convert the old database to our platform for you. We also offer an extensive help library, video tutorials, and a dedicated support team is available to help you smoothly integrate Volgistics into your organization.

To learn more about how volunteer management software can work for your animal shelter, contact us today. You can also start a free trial in minutes, or register for a live demonstration to experience Volgistics at work.

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