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Animal shelters are excellent volunteer locations and often rely on volunteers to provide essential services like walking, training, and general animal care. Managing the volunteers, however, can be difficult. Make volunteer management easier with Volgistics' animal shelter volunteer management software. This scalable system features the tools and resources needed to make volunteer management easier no matter the size of your shelter!

Core Features

Volgistics serves as a comprehensive animal shelter volunteer software, with features designed to help you track, manage, and communicate with your volunteers as efficiently as possible. Click the links below to find out how Volgistics can help your volunteer management tasks at every level:


Post opportunities, receive applications, and process applicant information quickly with Volgistics' volunteer recruiting software for animal shelters. You can create and post custom online application forms on your website without the help of a website designer or IT staff member. Additionally, you can automatically load application data into new volunteer profiles as soon as you accept the application, minimizing double entry and back office processing!


Track volunteer information and keep it organized with Volgistics' volunteer tracking system for animal shelters. Save details on each volunteer, including their age, location, service preferences, emergency contacts, parents and guardians, references, employers, and even volunteer photos. You have the ability to generate customized fields to track items unique to your organization. All of this information can be used to search through and categorize volunteers!

Service Records

Volgistics' volunteer tracking software features complete service histories for each volunteer record, showing the total hours served as well as individual service dates, times, and assignments. Our simple-to-use reporting software allows you to track this information for individuals and groups, and you can even set quotas for your volunteers to make sure they meet service requirements or goals.

Online Volunteer Portal

The optional VicNet online access module makes your animal shelter volunteer system data accessible to volunteers, so they can download forms, schedule assignments, update contact information, receive messages, review their service, and even track their own service hours!


Stay in touch with your volunteers more easily with Volgistics' built-in communication features. Quickly send email or text messages to individuals and groups, create custom HTML emails, and set up auto messages for schedule reminders, so you can keep your volunteers up to date on the latest volunteer news.


Volgistics comes with an array of ready-made reports for a wide variety of purposes including contact information, trainings completed, awards received, schedules, and service history. You can also customize reports to specifically meet the needs of your shelter or society. Organize reports by assignment to see service by different areas, or organize by volunteer to see service performed by individuals.


Create and track volunteer awards based on hours of service, years of service, or other performance measures. Using Volgistics' database management system for animal shelter volunteers, you can create these awards to improve participation and morale among your volunteer base.

Multi-Site Access

Volgistics' volunteer scheduling and reporting system is made for both individual animal shelters and multi-site locations, with a Site Level Access feature. Headquarters-level operators have access to all volunteer records within their network, while Site Level Operators can only see information for their individual location, making it easy to track information for compliance and standardization.


Have existing volunteer data? Volgistics offers options so that you can transfer the information of your existing volunteer information to Volgistics. Pick the option that's right for you and the size of your animal shelter’s volunteer network, and you can get started using Volgistics' volunteer database management software.

On top of it all, Volgistics provides extensive customer support services, with an extensive library of video tutorials and a dedicated support team on call.

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