Animal Shelters

Volunteer coordinators in animal shelters, humane societies, cruelty prevention societies (SPCA), and other rescue organizations depend on Volgistics' powerful features to streamline volunteer coordination and management.


List your opportunities to serve in an online directory. You control the amount of information shown, such as duties, qualifications, and location. Potential volunteers fill out application forms tailored to your shelter's unique needs. Information is transferred directly to your database when you accept the application so there is no need for manual entry. This online process saves your staff time, your organization money, and it is environmentally friendly!


Use Volgistics' many features to filter and search your database for just the volunteer records you need. Find and report on records based on age, type, location, service, preferences, customizable flags and more.

Each volunteer record contains detailed information important to your organization. Store volunteer contact information as well as data for emergency contacts, employers, references, and parents or guardians. Each volunteer's record has a complete date history showing trainings finished, awards received, plus other customizable fields.

Service Records

Individual volunteer records have a comprehensive history showing the hours served along with dates, times and assignments service was performed in. Our easy to use reports allow you to print detailed information for individuals, or you can print summary reports to see how much service was performed in assignments or departments. You can even create reports showing a dollar value for the service hours volunteers donated.

Volgistics makes record keeping simple when volunteers are required to complete a certain number of hours for court, or school, related community service. Each requirement can include hours needed and the due date for when the service must be finished. You can apply all hours, or just service in selected assignments, toward the mandate. Volgistics' powerful reporting features make it simple to find whether or not volunteers have completed the mandatory service. If you include the VicNet online access module for volunteers, they can log-in to see a chart of their progress on the goal.


Volgistics makes it easy to contact the volunteers at your humane society or animal shelter. You can send text messages or HTML email messages with photos, fonts and other formatting. You can even choose to have volunteers automatically receive monthly or daily schedule reminders by text or email to reduce no shows for assignments.

When the optional VicNet module is included, volunteers can access their individual account from any Internet connected computer. Volunteers login to the secure portal to download forms, schedule assignments, post service hours, update contact information, receive messages, and review their service—all without volunteer coordinator involvement! This can save valuable time for busy managers.


Volgistics comes with an array of ready-made reports for a wide variety of purposes including contact information, trainings completed, awards received, schedules, and service history. You can also customize reports to specifically meet the needs of your shelter or society. Organize reports by assignment to see service by different areas, or organize by volunteer to see service performed by individuals.


Improve participation and morale among volunteers by creating custom awards. Create different awards for different volunteer types, such as youth, interns and adults. Base awards on years of service, or the number of service hours worked, and Volgistics can make the job of tracking eligibility easier by quickly identifying which volunteers qualify.


Have existing volunteer data? Volgistics offers three methods to transfer the information into your account so you're up and running faster. Choose the option that fits your needs based on the program you're using now, the complexity of the information you need imported, and your budget.

Find out for yourself how Volgistics can help you manage the volunteers at your animal shelter, humane society or animal rescue organization by starting a free trial account today!

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