Volunteer Management Software for Educational Institutions

Volgistics makes tracking education volunteers easier than ever, handling recruiting, tracking, and management for educational institutions of all sizes. Whether you're a college or university, public school district, private academy, or just a single school building such as a high school, elementary school, or charter school, Volgistics' volunteer management system can be tailored to your needs.

Core Features

Volgistics serves as an education volunteer management software for all types of schools, with features designed to help you manage and communicate with your volunteer base from day one. Here's how Volgistics can help your school:

Online Application Forms

With Volgistics, you do not need to manually enter each volunteer's information into your database. Instead, our education volunteer recruiting software allows you to post custom applications on your school's website for interested volunteers to complete — once finished and accepted, data from these applications will automatically populate a volunteer record. This automation saves your volunteer managers time and money!

Volunteer records you receive are assigned an Applicant Status until you change them to Active after they have completed trainings, orientations or background checks. This allows you to keep volunteers who have not completed your approval process separate.


Volgistics includes useful features that can help you find the records you need, quickly. Set up searches with the volunteer tracking system to find education volunteers based on age, location, history, or custom flags. The system also allows you to store emergency and volunteer contact information, employer history, training, languages spoken, awards received, mailings, and other subjects. Use the Checklist feature to track any pieces of training or paperwork your volunteers have completed or still need to complete. On top of it all, this information can all be easily pulled for reporting purposes.


Create assignments, opportunities, and schedules for volunteers in your school using the Volgistics volunteer scheduling software. With the optional VicNet online access module, volunteers can access their individual profile from any internet-connected computer to see and sign up for open assignments.

Service Tracking

Each volunteer's record contains a detailed history of their service, including dates, times, and assignments. This information can be customized according to the needs of your school with the Volgistics volunteer tracking software for schools — track non-standard service measures like miles driven or students tutored, run reports for individuals and groups, and apply dollar values to service measures to track the value of your volunteers. Additionally, the Volgistics volunteer reporting system allows you to set quotas for your education volunteers, making it easy to see who has met their yearly service requirements.

Text and Email Volunteers

Volgistics makes it simple and straightforward to stay in touch with your volunteers, with mailing labels, email, and text messaging options. HTML formatting allows you to include photos, font choices, and additional formatting in your communications. You can also elect to have your volunteers automatically receive daily or monthly reminders via email or text message so they know exactly when to show up for service.

Real-Time Reporting

With the optional VicTouch sign-in station, your education volunteers can sign-in when they arrive - and sign-out when they leave your building. This option is not just convenient for recording service hours, but it also tracks volunteers currently serving in your building. Simply sign in to your volunteer management system to see everyone serving at any given time.

On top of it all, Volgistics provides extensive customer support services with video tutorials and a dedicated support team with a quick response time.

Learn More About Volgistics

Are you interested in learning more about Volgistics' education volunteer reporting system and what it can do for your organization? Contact Volgistics today to answer any questions you may have or sign-up for a free trial account! If you are interested in how Volgistics can help your educational institution, sign up for a live demonstration.

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