Volgistics makes the job of recruiting, tracking and managing education volunteers easier-- no matter if you're a college or university, school system/ district, private academy, or just a single school building such as a high school, elementary school, or charter school. The customizable features allow you to tailor the system to your needs!

Online Application Forms

With Volgistics, you do not need to enter each volunteer's information into your database. Interested volunteers complete application forms with the fields you select, and their information automatically populates a volunteer record when you accept the application. There's no need to manually enter the information so you save time and money, plus the paperless process is environmentally friendly!

Volunteer records you receive are assigned an Applicant Status until you change them to Active after they have completed trainings, orientations or background checks. This allows you to keep volunteers who have not completed your approval process separate.


Volgistics includes many features to help you find just the volunteer records you need. You can setup searches to find records based on the volunteers' age, type, service location, service history, customizable flags and more.

Each volunteer record contains detailed information important to your organization. Store volunteer contact information as well as data for emergency contacts, employers, and references. Volgistics includes built-in features to keep track of dates for things such as the volunteer's standing with your organization; trainings completed; awards received; mailings; and other customizable matters. Use the Checklist feature to track which volunteers are due for, or have completed, mandatory requirements such as background checks. Automatic email messages remind volunteers when annual items are due for renewal. Volgistics' full reporting features make generating reports for regulatory agencies a breeze.


Create assignments to show what volunteers will be doing in your organization such as tutoring, cafeteria assistance, or media center aide. Then create schedules to show when volunteer help is needed. When the optional VicNet online access module is included, volunteers can access their individual account from any Internet connected computer to see open assignments and sign-up to serve. They can also use the secure portal to download forms, post service hours, update contact information, receive messages and review their service-all without volunteer coordinator involvement! This can save valuable time for busy managers.

Service Tracking

Each volunteer's record contains a detailed history of service with dates, times, and assignments. Hours are automatically totaled, and available for reporting. Reports can be run for your entire organization, a single assignment, or an individual volunteer.

If you're a university, college or high school program that challenges students to complete a certain number of hours during a time frame, Volgistics makes record keeping easy. Just setup each requirement to include hours needed and the date when the service must be finished. You can apply all hours, or just service in selected assignments, toward the mandate. Volgistics' powerful reporting features make it simple to find whether or not volunteers have completed the mandatory service. If you include the VicNet online access module for volunteers, they can log-in to see a chart of their progress on the goal.

Text and Email

Volgistics makes it easy to stay in touch with your volunteers. You can print mailing labels for selected groups, or send email or text messages. HTML formatting allows you to include photos, font choices and other formatting. You can even choose to have volunteers automatically receive monthly or daily schedule reminders by text or email to reduce no shows for assignments.

Who's Here Reporting

Include the optional VicTouch sign-in station and volunteers can sign-in when they arrive in and sign-out when they leave your building. This option not only offers the convenience of having the volunteer service automatically recorded, but also shows a current list of volunteers in your building. This allows you to use your Volgistics account to find out who is in your building from any computer or device that has Internet access.

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