Nonprofits have many missions, from combating homelessness to providing community health services. While these organizations depend on donors and committed staff members, volunteers also contribute to these missions. Often, these volunteers drive growth when internal teams are small. However, nonprofits face the challenge of effectively managing these volunteers to keep them engaged and prove the program's overall value.

Volgistics has a solution to drive success with your nonprofit volunteers — management software. With these solutions, your organization can change how you handle your volunteer program.

Why Invest in Nonprofit Volunteer Management Software?

Volunteer management software can deliver a tangible impact. You should invest in this type of software if:

Benefits of Nonprofit Volunteer Management Software

With Volgistics, nonprofit volunteers experience engagement and clarity while your staff improves organization and efficiency.

Explore the features that make Volgistics the preferred volunteer management software for nonprofits.


Having a volunteer recruiting system for nonprofit organizations that's responsive, fast and easy to use is the backbone of any successful volunteer-based initiative. With Volgistics, you can post volunteer opportunities to your site, collect volunteer information, and complete background screenings within the platform for streamlined recruiting. Gather potential volunteers' information without manual data entry and sync information effortlessly with your larger volunteer database.


Enjoy valuable time savings with Volgistics' volunteer scheduling management system for nonprofit organizations. Now, you can schedule volunteers in a fraction of the time it took you previously. Keep every volunteer informed about their upcoming shifts with predefined schedules. Create one-time, interval, and ongoing schedules, all with a few clicks, and leave time slots open for volunteers to sign up online.

With easy scheduling, your organization can improve retention and increase sign-ups by making the process clearer and more accessible.

Database Management

The volunteer database management system for nonprofit organizations that Volgistics offers is user-friendly, customizable, and requires no complicated software installation. Eliminate the need for overstuffed file folders and manage your data electronically. Electronic data management reduces the burden on your administrative team and makes it easy to keep track of all information.

Since you're not always in the office, our volunteer management solution for nonprofits automatically backs up your info at regular intervals, is remotely accessible, and allows you to communicate with your volunteers according to their preferred method, such as via email or text message.

Volunteer Management

Search for volunteer records individually or by customized groupings using the Volgistics volunteer tracking management system for nonprofit organizations. Learn everything you need to know about your volunteers with custom profiles and attached photos. Keep track of individuals' total hours, previous experience, and skillsets to create specialized teams for given tasks. Increase engagement by matching volunteers to projects that reflect their interests.

You'll appreciate the flexibility of Volgistics when using volunteer hour tracking software for nonprofits that allows you to set search parameters according to a wide range of criteria. Rather than scrolling through a seemingly endless Excel sheet of volunteer information, you can find the volunteers you're looking for with a few clicks.

Application Forms

Use Volgistics as your volunteer application management tool when posting new volunteer signups for your nonprofit organization. The volunteer application management system seamlessly collects potential volunteer information via the online forms that you can easily customize and embed in your website, saving you from spending valuable time and resources on manual data entry. Online applications also make it easier for candidates to get involved.

Document Storage

With Volgistics document storage management software for nonprofit organizations, you can save both storage space and filing time. Store your important files and documents electronically with our document storage management system for nonprofits that allows you to scan paper files and say goodbye to overstuffed filing cabinets.


Our volunteer reporting software for nonprofit organizations allows you to generate stock reports or quickly create custom reports via the simple-to-use interface. From formatting Excel spreadsheets to creating mailing labels, the volunteer reporting management system for nonprofits is always ready to help make your reporting tasks easier, quicker, and more accurate.

Improved reporting allows you to showcase your volunteer program's value and prove to your donors that your organization makes a difference.

Learn More About Volgistics

The Volgistics name originates from volunteer logistics — a critical aspect of nonprofit organizations. Our software is purpose-built to change the administrative side of volunteer programs so nonprofit organizations can continue to support communities on local, state, and national levels.

We've taken time to understand the challenges organizations face with volunteer programs to develop a platform that addresses each one. Volgistics is a powerful tool that can radically change the way you recruit, retain, and report within your program.

Interested in signing up for a free trial account? Find out why so many nonprofit organizations trust Volgistics to help them meet their volunteer recruiting, tracking, and management goals. Contact us now for answers to all your volunteer logistics questions. Interested in learning about how Volgistics can work for your nonprofit organization? Register for a live demonstration!

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