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Paying Your Volgistics Service Fee by Mail

If you want to send a payment to Volgistics, use the Pre-payment method and send your check by mail. Your check will be transferred to our Accounting Department when it arrives. Once your check is received by our Accounting Department, Volgistics will activate or extend your account within two business days.

Note that for faster service, you can activate or extend an account without delay by making your payment online by electronic check or credit card rather than through the mail (see payment terms for details). Accounts paid online are activated or extended as soon as you make your payment.

To pay by mail:

1. Visit the Volgistics Store and choose Pre-payment as your account's payment method. When you choose to pay your account with a pre-payment, Volgistics generates an Order-Invoice that you can print in case you need a paper invoice to obtain a check. Help topic 2071 has detailed directions if you need them.

2. Make your check payable to "Volgistics Inc." Checks must be payable in U.S. funds.

3. Write or print your Order-Invoice number on your check.

4. Mail your check to:

Volgistics Inc.
P.O. Box 406
Wayland, Michigan 49348-0406

5. The billing contact for your account will receive email notification when your check is processed (please allow up to two business days for processing at Volgistics). You can find information on how to check and/or change your billing contact's email address here.

To pay by courier service:

In some cases, organizations need their payment to arrive faster than sending it by mail. If you need to do this, you can send your payment overnight or next day by courier service (such as FedEx or UPS). To do this, follow the same steps shown in the To pay by mail section above, but use our physical address in step 4 instead of our remittance address. Our physical address is:

400 76th Street SW
Suite 9
Byron Center, Michigan 49315-8376

Avoid delays!

Be sure your check...

  • Includes your Order-Invoice number

  • Is payable to "Volgistics Inc."

  • Is payable in U.S. funds

  • Is sent to the correct address depending on if the payment is being sent by mail or by courier service.

Expired trial accounts

If your free trial has already expired, you may use your expired trial account number to activate your account if payment is received at Volgistics within 120 days of the date the trial expired.

Can I mail a purchase order?

One way we keep Volgistics rates low is to reduce the cost of collecting service fees. We do this by collecting service fees online or by check. For this reason, we do not accept purchase orders as payment for service fees.

If you must use a purchase order internally to start the process of obtaining a check, you may print an Invoice for Volgistics that includes a purchase order number. Help topic 2545 shows how to do this.

You can use this invoice to obtain your check. Once you receive your check, you can process it online or mail it to Volgistics. Please do not send purchase orders to Volgistics.

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