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The Volgistics team is a group of dedicated volunteer management and information technology professionals who enjoy helping volunteer leaders achieve their missions through the use of technology.

Dedicated exclusively to volunteer information technology, Volgistics evolved from Red Ridge Software Company, the maker of the popular desktop software program VolunteerWorks. Used by more than 3,400 organizations on an estimated 11,000 personal computers worldwide, VolunteerWorks provided powerful software tools for Microsoft Windows operating systems. This heritage gives Volgistics a wealth of experience in the volunteer sector, as well as the stability needed to make Volgistics successful.

Volgistics is the product of decades of experience helping volunteer leaders use technology, including thousands of interactions with volunteer coordinators and hundreds of excellent customer ideas and suggestions. In the early 1980's the founding members of Volgistics helped pioneer the use of computers for managing volunteer information. Over the years the people at Volgistics continued their pioneering spirit and dedication to supporting volunteer leaders with the development of SAM Volunteer Management Software for DOS (1988); the Volunteer Information Center touch-screen sign-in system (1990); VolunteerWorks 1.0 for Microsoft Windows 3.1 (1993), VolunteerWorks 2.0 for Microsoft Windows 95 and later (1997); and VolunteerTools, web based forms for online volunteer interaction (1999).

While Volgistics inherits a wealth of volunteer management know-how from these earlier products, it's a brand new system built from the ground up with the latest development tools and techniques, database technologies, and server platforms. Volgistics was released in 2004 and it has allowed the company to retain its reputation as the industry leader in technology for volunteer leaders.

Volgistics operates from facilities in Grand Rapids, Michigan. These include a secure data center with multiple high-speed internet connections to an internet backbone.

Volgistics is a privately held, Michigan corporation.

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