Why Volunteer Training Programs Are Important

Why Volunteer Training Programs are Important

Training programs for volunteers may look different for every organization depending on what your program does and what you want your volunteers to achieve. However, for most organizations and companies, the purpose of volunteer training is to assist volunteers in completing their roles independently. Trainees should feel confident in their jobs, feeling they can achieve

How to Replace Organizational Staff With Volunteers

How to Replace Organizational Staff With Volunteers

Since the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1985, individuals have been allowed to volunteer their time to different public organizations, charities, and programs. Volunteers are undoubtedly an essential asset to any organization looking for devoted, energetic people who are willing to work toward a community goal. Your nonprofit organization may have plenty of staff but may

How to Avoid Legal Problems With Volunteers

How to Avoid Legal Problems With Volunteers

If you are a volunteer manager, program director, or human resources professional, legal problems with volunteers are likely some of your greatest concerns. Volunteers are often essential to an establishment, but if something goes wrong with a volunteer, it can be detrimental to your organization. What if a volunteer gets hurt while serving with your

Engaging Top-Quality Volunteers

Engaging Top Quality Volunteers

Volunteering has hit a record high in recent years, with more people donating their time and efforts to make a difference in the lives of others. High-quality, passionate volunteers are the face and heart of an organization or project. They are the ones who show up prepared for the task at hand and ready to work

Volunteer Training Best Practices

When a new volunteer joins your organization, you want to get them integrated into a productive flow as soon as possible, which means providing the right instruction for them to tackle projects and assist at events and in the office. Smart nonprofits use proven approaches to getting this important task done. Learn how to train