Use VicTouch Greeting Cards as Event Reminders

Tip of the Week June 05, 2023

If your organization uses the VicTouch module and you have an event coming up that you want volunteers to remember, consider using a VicTouch Greeting Card. Volunteers will see the reminder each time they login during the time period you select. Sending a reminder message through Vic Mail only causes the message to appear once for each volunteer.

The first thing to do for this is to make a graphic for the reminder. This must be less than 1 MB in size, and should use a white or transparent background.

After you have your graphic, setup the Holiday card (1) or the Holiday card (2) as your reminder. Help topic 2327 shows how to do this. These work great for reminding volunteers about upcoming events such as a deadline for updating their parking pass, service opportunities, meetings, classes, recognition banquets, or other community events.

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