Use date fields to track profile changes

Tip of the Week August 15, 2022

Volgistics does not automatically keep a date record to indicate when a volunteer’s profile or contact information was last updated. However, you can use the spare fields on the Profile tab of volunteer records to create a custom field for tracking this information. Here is how to create a custom date field through Setup:

  1. Select Setup from the Menu.
  2. Choose Field Options.
  3. Choose Profile tab (for volunteers).
  4. Click on an unused Spare field.
  5. Change the Field format to Date, give your field a name, and change Hidden to No.
  6. Click Save.

When dates are stored like this you will be able to create a Set to identify volunteer records that were updated during a specific time period. System Operators will be able to use this field to note the date they updated a record, and through VicNet this field can allow volunteers and Coordinators to record when they updated the contact information last.

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