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Sets Overview


Make Sets Easier to Find

A Set is a Volgistics tool you use to define custom volunteer groupings. You can use Sets to run reports that include just the volunteers in the set, or to send messages (such as email or text) to all of the volunteers in a set.

These are some examples of Sets:

  • Those who started volunteering in a certain month or year
  • Volunteers who are active and have a birthday next month
  • Volunteers with more than a certain number of hours in a specific assignment during the last year.

You may create as many different Sets as you need.

Once you define a Set of volunteers you can use the set again later, and as often as you want. For example, if you create a Set that includes volunteers whose birthday is next month, you can use that set each month to generate a list of the volunteers who have their birthday in the coming month.

Here are some help topics with more information on the Sets feature:

Examples of Set definitions

These Help Topics show you how to create Sets which include volunteers who meet a variety of specific conditions.


Make Sets Easier to Find