Why Volunteer Training Programs Are Important

Why Volunteer Training Programs are Important

Training programs for volunteers may look different for every organization depending on what your program does and what you want your volunteers to achieve. However, for most organizations and companies, the purpose of volunteer training is to assist volunteers in completing their roles independently. Trainees should feel confident in their jobs, feeling they can achieve

Receive Self-Scheduling Alerts by Email or Text as a System Operator

Tip of the Week March 20, 2023 Self-scheduling alerts can be setup on the Schedule ‘Rules’ tab of each Assignment record to send notifications whenever a volunteer adds or removes themselves from that Assignment’s Schedule. These notifications can be sent to system operators via the Volgistics Mailbox and/or to coordinators by email or text message.

How to Switch From Manual Volunteer Management to Volunteer Management Software

How to Switch From Manual Volunteer Management to Volunteer Management Software

With paper files to organize, staff turnover, information silos across various software and filing cabinets, and scheduling conflicts, manual volunteer management can be a labor of love — but it doesn’t have to be. Volunteer management software is an administrative platform that helps your team simplify existing processes with faster, more efficient recruitment, compliance, tracking,

Include Archived Volunteers in Excel Spreadsheet Reports

Tip of the Week March 13, 2023 Your Volgistics database is divided into archived and non-archived sections. The Archive is designed for long term storage of inactive volunteers. In your account’s service level, archived records cost significantly less because they have more limited functionality than non-archived records. For example, archived volunteers cannot be tagged or

How to Reengage Inactive Donors for Sustainable Giving

How to Reengage Inactive Donors for Sustainable Giving

As an organization that relies on donations, you may be looking for a way to achieve more sustainable giving. Reengaging inactive donors is an effective way to increase donor retention because they’re already familiar with you. Instead of starting from step one with a new donor, make an effort to reconnect with lapsed donors and

National Volunteer Week Approaching

Tip of the Week March 06, 2023 National Volunteer Week is coming up! Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers to tackle society’s greatest challenges, to build stronger communities and be a force that transforms the world. It’s also used to

Make Sure Volunteers Receive Your Email Messages

Tip of the Week February 27, 2023 Did you know there’s an easy change you can make in your account that will often dramatically improve email delivery rates for your volunteers? Because Volgistics sends messages to recipients on your behalf, sometimes these messages are viewed as suspect by target email domains. This is especially true

Guide To Corporate Partnerships For Nonprofits

Guide to Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits

If you manage a nonprofit, you know how vital external contributions can be. Corporate giving makes up a valuable part of those contributions — in 2019, charitable contributions from corporations amounted to about $449.6 billion.  What if you want to develop a permanent, mutually beneficial partnership with a local corporation or business? Building corporate-nonprofit partnerships

Learn Terminology and Definitions in the Volgistics Glossary

Tip of the Week February 20, 2023 Volgistics uses specific terminology regarding the different aspects of your account. It can sometimes be confusing if you do not know what a specific term means. For example, there is a distinct difference between an ‘Account’ and a ‘Volunteer record’, or a ‘Coordinator’ and a ‘System Operator’, or

Guide To Writing a Volunteer Job Description

How to write a job description that volunteers will love

If your organization relies on volunteers, you know how essential it is to attract good people. Your volunteers may form the backbone of your programs, performing the day-in and day-out work that allows you to focus on the long-term impact and growth your mission can achieve. You need your volunteers to be compassionate, hardworking, trustworthy,