Promoting Volunteers to Greater Responsibility

Promoting Volunteers to Greater Responsibility

Your organization values all of your volunteers, but some stand out as ready to step up and assume new levels of responsibility. Promoting those who are ready and willing not only fills vital leadership roles, but it keeps volunteer satisfaction levels high. Additionally, when these experienced volunteers are challenged, they’re more likely to remain with

Get your automatic reports faster

Tip of the Week January 17, 2022 Custom reports can be scheduled to print automatically on a weekly or monthly basis. When you choose to run reports automatically, those reports will be automatically queued and processed during Volgistics’ overnight maintenance cycle. Although these commands are typically completed very quickly, sometimes backlogs may create delays. If

How Word-of-Mouth Marketing Can Help Your Organization

How Word-of-Mouth Marketing Can Help Your Organization

Finding volunteers can be challenging for new and well-established organizations alike. While there may be an abundance of charitable and willing people in your area, there’s a chance they’ve missed the ways you’ve tried to spread your message so far. While other advertising methods may fall short, word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) can help you bring in

Review VicNet and VicTouch use

Tip of the Week January 10, 2022 If your account’s service level includes the VicNet or VicTouch modules, you may want to review how you’re using those features. This allows you to make informed decisions about whether the module is being underutilized and more operator training or volunteer training is needed, or if you should

Volunteer Satisfaction Survey Questions You Should Be AskingĀ 

Americans are increasingly donating their time and efforts to causes they believe in. Volunteering has hit a record high in recent years. However, if volunteers aren’t satisfied with their experience with your organization, they might not continue to work with you.  Volunteer surveys are a great way to make sure your volunteers have a good

Review the basics of Volgistics

Tip of the Week January 03, 2022 For new or prospective Volgistics users, or for experienced users who would like to freshen up on the core settings and features of their account, Volgistics offers a comprehensive Getting Started Guide. This guide provides an easy-to-navigate tour of the system and covers numerous introductory topics explaining fundamental

See How Many Submissions an Application Has Received in a Year

Tip of the Week December 27, 2021 Many organizations that use application forms want to know how many applications they have received in a year, or another time period. This can be useful for reference, or for completing reports for grants and other external agencies. While you can create Sets to identify the number of volunteers who had

Archive Old Help Inquires to “Clean-Up” Your Mailbox

Tip of the Week December 20, 2021 The “Help E-mail” tab of the Mailbox is designed to provide a reference for System Operators. All System Operators in the account can review past questions and responses in case they find the information helpful. However, there may be past help inquiries that are simply thank-you responses, or

7 Features to Look For in Volunteer Scheduling Software

7 Features to Look For in Volunteer Scheduling Software

Around 77.4 million Americans volunteered for 6.9 billion hours in 2017. With so many people dedicating their time to service, volunteer organizations must find ways to keep track of members and their impact on the communities they serve.  That’s where volunteer scheduling tools come in. By using a management software system, service organizations can spend