Developing a Volunteer Engagement Strategy

Developing a volunteer engagement strategy

A volunteer engagement strategy is essential for coordinating your team and streamlining operations. Whether you’re looking to reduce waste or motivate your volunteers, an engagement strategy can help. Use these 10 tips to build a successful volunteer engagement strategy and create a productive, effective volunteer team. Why Create an Engagement Strategy? Developing a written volunteer

11 Ways to Recruit Education Volunteers

11 ways to recruit education volunteers

Managing education volunteers means getting creative with your recruitment strategies. While there are many educational volunteer opportunities, it can seem like there aren’t enough volunteers for the job. Use these 11 strategies to recruit education volunteers, grow your team, and achieve your goals.  1. Use Social Media Social media is one of the most powerful tools we have for communicating with

Fiscal, Calendar, and YTD Statistics

Tip of the Week June 3, 2024 Your organization may have a fiscal year (also sometimes called a budgetary or financial Year) that differs from a standard calendar year. While a calendar year is measured from January 1st to December 31st each year, a fiscal year may begin on the first day of any specific

Guide To Writing a Volunteer Job Description

How to write a job description that volunteers will love

If your organization relies on volunteers, you know how essential it is to attract good people. Your volunteers may form the backbone of your programs, performing the day-in and day-out work that allows you to focus on the long-term impact and growth your mission can achieve. You need your volunteers to be compassionate, hardworking, trustworthy,

7 Signs You’d Be a Good Volunteer Manager

Signs you'd be a good volunteer manager

Becoming a volunteer manager might be the next step when you want to increase your involvement with your organization. With several responsibilities and required skills, volunteer managers connect nonprofit leadership and decision-makers with the individuals working on projects and campaigns. Volunteer Management Skills & Responsibilities Volunteer managers are essential individuals in ensuring organization functionality. Regular

Coordinators Can Schedule Regular Volunteer Shifts

Tip of the Week May 20, 2024 In VicNet, coordinators can easily fill openings with volunteers on a one-time basis. Scheduling a regular or repeating shift for a volunteer is a bit less obvious though. To do this, start by scheduling a volunteer for a one-time shift on the first date. Then, click the Edit

Why You Need a Volunteer Onboarding Process

After recruiting volunteers, you can integrate them into your organization through volunteer onboarding. The onboarding process allows volunteers to learn more about their place in your organization. Onboarding volunteers is more than teaching the policies and procedures — it is a strategy to ensure your volunteers remain committed to the mission. With an onboarding process,

Scheduling Qualified Volunteers

Tip of the Week May 13, 2024 With a recent update, we adjusted the settings on the Rules tab in Assignments and added a Qualified Volunteers checkbox on the schedule. This allows you, as a System Operator, to filter the volunteers in the list based on the Rules tab settings. Instead of seeing all of

9 Ways to Motivate Busy People to Volunteer

9 Ways to Motivate Busy People to Volunteer

Between family life and work, it can seem like there’s barely enough time to fit in a social life, let alone volunteering. However, while people feel busier than ever, the average person has more than five hours of free time every day. The challenge volunteer organizations must face is how to persuade people to get