Setup automatic reports to remind you to change a youth volunteer’s record when they become adults

Tip of the Week March 01, 2021 Many organizations separate adult and youth volunteers by giving them different Types in their account such as “Adult” and “Junior.” There is not a way to automatically change the volunteer’s Type when they reach a specific age, but you can create a report to automatically be run to

Include Archived Volunteers in Excel Spreadsheet Reports

Tip of the Week February 22, 2021 Your Volgistics database is divided into archived and non-archived sections. The Archive is designed for long term storage of inactive volunteers. In your account’s service level, archived records cost significantly less because they have more limited functionality than non-archived records. For example, archived volunteers cannot be tagged or

Make Sure Volunteers Receive Your Email Messages

Tip of the Week February 15, 2021 Did you know there’s an easy change you can make in your account that will often dramatically improve email delivery rates for your volunteers? Because Volgistics sends messages to recipients on your behalf, sometimes these messages are viewed as suspect by target email domains. This is especially true

Modify Schedule Statistics Reports to Cover Different Time Periods

Tip of the Week February 08, 2021 One of the stock Schedule Reports available in Volgistics is the Schedule Statistics (Stock) report. This report allows you to quickly see how many openings are filled and unfilled for each assignment. You can also get an unduplicated volunteer count for how many volunteers are scheduled for the

How to Preserve Volunteer Knowledge

How to Preserve Volunteer Knowledge

Volunteers are the backbone of any nonprofit organization. When new volunteers join your team, they have a great deal to learn. You might dedicate a lot of time and resources to training new volunteers, but there’s an easier way. You can pass down volunteer knowledge to new recruits by storing information all in one place. 

Learn Terminology and Definitions in the Volgistics Glossary

Tip of the Week February 01, 2021 Volgistics uses specific terminology regarding the different aspects of your account. It can sometimes be confusing if you do not know what a specific term means. For example, there is a distinct difference between an ‘Account’ and a ‘Volunteer record’, or a ‘Coordinator’ and a ‘System Operator’, or

Engaging Top-Quality Volunteers

Engaging Top Quality Volunteers

Volunteering has hit a record high in recent years, with more people donating their time and efforts to make a difference in the lives of others. High-quality, passionate volunteers are the face and heart of an organization or project. They are the ones who show up prepared for the task at hand and ready to work

Track the Total Number of Shifts or Visits Volunteers Serve

Tip of the Week January 18, 2021 Organizations may want to track how many times their volunteers have served, rather than just how many hours they’ve served. Volgistics makes this possible with Service Measures. These are an ideal feature for recording special types of service performed, and can be easily configured to keep track of

12 Health Benefits of Volunteering

12 Health Benefits of Volunteering

Many think of volunteering as a way to help others — and while that’s true, it’s also a great way to improve your own mental and physical health. Volunteering is good for your health in a number of ways, including its ability to reduce stress levels, encourage life-long learning, and lower blood pressure. When it