Sort Information in the Mailbox

Tip of the Week July 08, 2024 The Volgistics Mailbox consists of the In Box, Out Box, Applications, Service, Help E-mail and Documents tabs. Each of these tabs is shared by the System Operators in your account (or all operators from the same Site if Site Level Access is enabled). As the number of items

Keep billing contact up-to-date

Tip of the Week July 01, 2024 Each Volgistics account has a billing contact email address which we use to keep you up-to-date with billing information. Normally we recommend setting your billing contact to someone who is involved in your account on a regular or day-to-day basis. This way, the person getting those notices will

Collecting Documents in VicNet

Tip of the Week June 24, 2024 In VicNet, you can ask volunteers to upload documents (such as waivers, release forms, or authorization forms). This feature can only be used accounts that also use VicDocs. This requires a few steps, so volunteers will need to download the form, complete it, and then upload the completed copy.

Clean Up Your Report List

Tip of the Week June 17, 2024 As you or other system operators use Volgistics’ reporting features, your Reports page may accumulate a large number of custom reports. Some of these may be automatic reports or other useful reports that will be used again in the future, while others may have been created just for

Developing a Volunteer Engagement Strategy

Developing a volunteer engagement strategy

A volunteer engagement strategy is essential for coordinating your team and streamlining operations. Whether you’re looking to reduce waste or motivate your volunteers, an engagement strategy can help. Use these 10 tips to build a successful volunteer engagement strategy and create a productive, effective volunteer team. Why Create an Engagement Strategy? Developing a written volunteer

11 Ways to Recruit Education Volunteers

11 ways to recruit education volunteers

Managing education volunteers means getting creative with your recruitment strategies. While there are many educational volunteer opportunities, it can seem like there aren’t enough volunteers for the job. Use these 11 strategies to recruit education volunteers, grow your team, and achieve your goals.  1. Use Social Media Social media is one of the most powerful tools we have for communicating with

Fiscal, Calendar, and YTD Statistics

Tip of the Week June 3, 2024 Your organization may have a fiscal year (also sometimes called a budgetary or financial Year) that differs from a standard calendar year. While a calendar year is measured from January 1st to December 31st each year, a fiscal year may begin on the first day of any specific

Guide To Writing a Volunteer Job Description

How to write a job description that volunteers will love

If your organization relies on volunteers, you know how essential it is to attract good people. Your volunteers may form the backbone of your programs, performing the day-in and day-out work that allows you to focus on the long-term impact and growth your mission can achieve. You need your volunteers to be compassionate, hardworking, trustworthy,

7 Signs You’d Be a Good Volunteer Manager

Signs you'd be a good volunteer manager

Becoming a volunteer manager might be the next step when you want to increase your involvement with your organization. With several responsibilities and required skills, volunteer managers connect nonprofit leadership and decision-makers with the individuals working on projects and campaigns. Volunteer Management Skills & Responsibilities Volunteer managers are essential individuals in ensuring organization functionality. Regular