Keep a Local Backup of Your Volunteer Data

Tip of the Week November 27, 2023 Volgistics includes the ability to create a local backup of your volunteer data using Volgistics’ Data Export feature. One reason to save this data to your local system is to access to your volunteer data in a situation where your internet connection is down. However, there is another

Stopping Automatic Reports

Tip of the Week October 23, 2023 Volgistics reports can be configured to automatically run on a weekly or monthly basis. These reports can be delivered to your account’s In Box tab or be sent out by email. There may be times, however, when automatic reports have been setup for someone who is no longer

Include Volunteer Names on Child Records in Excel Reports

Tip of the Week September 18, 2023 In databases, a child record is a piece of information that relates back to one particular record. Because Excel Spreadsheet reports are designed to be able to contain a very large amount of detailed volunteer information such as service entries and checklist dates, it is necessary to create

Keep Report Columns All on One Page

Tip of the Week August 7, 2023 If you’ve created a custom report in PDF format, you may find instances where some columns of information extend beyond the width of the page causing them to appear on subsequent pages. If this is the case, you can sometimes make all the columns appear on one page

Print Service Report for a Single Archived Volunteer Record

Tip of the Week July 31, 2023 There may be times you want to print service reports for archived volunteer records. One way to do this is to create a custom Excel report that contains service information for all archived volunteers. Including Archived Records on Reports shows how to do this. Archived records also show

7 Ways to Measure Volunteer Program Return on Investment (ROI)

7 Ways to Measure Volunteer Program Return on Investment (ROI)

From social services and animal shelters to schools and hospitals, volunteer programs make up the framework of many organizations. Whether you run entirely on volunteers or use them in addition to staff, understanding the value of your investment is essential for measuring your performance. When you want to measure volunteer ROI, you can look at

Compare 2021 Volunteer Service to 2019

Many organizations like to print year-end or quarterly reports showing how volunteer service numbers have changed from one year to the next. However, many organizations also consider 2020 to be too much of an anomaly, and prefer to compare this year to 2019 instead. To get this information, we recommend printing a service summary report