Send Email to Listed Volunteers from the Volunteers Page

Tip of the Week July 03, 2023

When you’re sending an email message from the Out Box tab of the Volgistics Mailbox, you can choose to send it to a single volunteer, tagged volunteers, all the volunteers in your database, or just the volunteers who have a certain Status or who are in a certain Set. But you can also send email directly from the Volunteers page without first visiting the Mailbox.

You can use the Volunteers page to bring up a list of all of the volunteers you wish to contact, then click the Messages shortcut to instantly begin a message to all listed volunteers. Please note that this will create a message to all volunteers that are currently displayed—whether or not those volunteers are selected/tagged. To do this,

  1. Select Volunteers from the menu
  2. Use the basic or advanced settings you need to search for all volunteers you want to contact
  3. Click the All link.
  4. When the records appear on the page, click the Messages link
  5. Set up and compose your message to these listed recipients

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