Send Email to Listed Volunteers from the Volunteers Page

Tip of the Week July 08, 2019 When you’re sending an email message from the Out Box tab of the Volgistics Mailbox, you can choose to send it to a single volunteer, tagged volunteers, all the volunteers in your database, or just the volunteers who have a certain Status or who are in a certain

View a Sent Email Message to See Recipients

Tip of the Week March 18, 2019 Volgistics keeps a list of sent email messages on the History tab of each volunteer’s record. While this is useful if you know the names of the volunteers who a message was sent to, there are times when you may not remember this information. In these cases, you

Tip of the Week February 18, 2019

Make sure volunteers receive your email messages Did you know there’s an easy change you can make in your account that will often dramatically improve email delivery rates for your volunteers? Because Volgistics sends messages to recipients on your behalf, sometimes these messages are viewed as suspect by target email domains. This is especially true

Tip of the Week December 17, 2018

Send email to other System Operators without exiting Volgistics. There are times you may want to send an email message to another System Operator for your account without exiting from Volgistics. For example, if you’re a Site Level Operator and you need to attach a report from your Site to an operator assigned to a

Tip of the Week September 24, 2018

Use email codes to personalize email messages. Volgistics has email codes available that allow you to personalize email messages that are sent to volunteers. These allow you to insert specific volunteer information into an email message similar to how the mail merge function works in a word processing program. The codes available allow you to

Tip of the Week January 22, 2018

Use the email validity icon to determine if a volunteer’s email is accurate When you send email through Volgistics, the system automatically tracks if the recipient’s email address is valid and uses an email validity icon on the Core tab of the volunteer record to identify its status. By default, a volunteer’s email address is

Tip of the Week November 27, 2017

Message history is available on History tab of volunteer record. When you use Volgistics’ features to send email, Vic mail, or text messages to volunteers, a record of the messages sent to each volunteer is kept on his or her History tab. You can view this record to see if the message shows as being