Tip of the Week November 27, 2017

Message history is available on History tab of volunteer record.

When you use Volgistics’ features to send email, Vic mail, or text messages to volunteers, a record of the messages sent to each volunteer is kept on his or her History tab. You can view this record to see if the message shows as being successfully delivered, or as failing.

Volgistics initially shows the message with a green icon that means that no errors have been received for the message. If a delivery failure notification is received from the recipient’s email or cell phone provider, the color of the icon will change to red and the reason for the failure will appear if you hover over the icon with your mouse pointer.

In addition to custom messages you send, this feature also tracks automatic email and text messages, such as schedule reminders and VicNet password messages. You can learn more about message tracking in Help topic 2064.

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