Tip of the Week November 20, 2017

Keep a local back-up of your volunteer data.

Volgistics includes the ability to create a local back-up of your volunteer data using Excel spreadsheet reports. One reason to save this data to your local system is to access to your volunteer data in a situation where your Internet connection is down. However, there is another useful purpose the back-up report could be used for.

When a volunteer record is accidentally deleted from your account there is not a way to recover it once the five day hold period passes. The only way to get it back in this case is to re-create the record. For situations like this, a back-up report can provide a useful starting point for entering the volunteer record. You may find help topic 2165 useful to find the volunteer’s information. There is more information to help you to re-create the record in help topics 2024 and 2400.

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