Guide to Choosing the Best Volunteer Management Software

Guide to Choosing the Best Volunteer Management Software

Your volunteer organization wouldn’t be the same without its volunteers. These are the folks using their free time to show up at your door, support your causes, and bring your mission to life. Selecting the right volunteer management system for your organization ensures you create the best volunteer experience for them. Plus, these systems simplify

Tip of the Week February 04, 2019

Learn terminology and definitions in the Volgistics Glossary Volgistics uses specific terminology regarding the different aspects of your account. It can sometimes be confusing if you do not know what a specific term means. For example, there is a distinct difference between an ‘Account’ and a ‘Volunteer record’, or a ‘Coordinator’ and a ‘System Operator’,

Tip of the Week November 20, 2017

Keep a local back-up of your volunteer data. Volgistics includes the ability to create a local back-up of your volunteer data using Excel spreadsheet reports. One reason to save this data to your local system is to access to your volunteer data in a situation where your Internet connection is down. However, there is another

Document Storage Is Now Available

Document Storage Is Now Available We’ve been working hard to get the next phases of the VicDocs feature ready, and we’re pleased to announce that they are now available. You can go paperless by uploading and storing documents in a variety of popular file formats. Accepted file formats include PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, JPG, PNG,

Tip of the Week March 9, 2015

National Volunteer Week Approaching National Volunteer Week is coming up fast and we wanted to make sure you are aware of it. National Volunteer Week was established to inspire people to volunteer to make their communities a better place, to recognize your current volunteers, and to encourage volunteerism in general. The U.S. and Canada will

New Clone an Application Form Feature

Organizations can quickly create a new application form with the same settings as an existing form. There may be times when you want to create an application form that is very similar to one you have already created. For example, you may have a form for adult volunteers and now you want to create a