Tip of the Week February 04, 2019

Learn terminology and definitions in the Volgistics Glossary

Volgistics uses specific terminology regarding the different aspects of your account. It can sometimes be confusing if you do not know what a specific term means. For example, there is a distinct difference between an ‘Account’ and a ‘Volunteer record’, or a ‘Coordinator’ and a ‘System Operator’, or a ‘Schedule Entry’ and an ‘Opening’. For this reason, Volgistics offers a Glossary of Volgistics Terminology which defines each term and offers a helpful resource when using the system.

Using and understanding the correct terminology for Volgistics’ items and features can help keep all of your staff on the same page and encourage clarity in training, communication, instructions, and support. The Glossary can be accessed by clicking the ‘Glossary’ link which appears in the upper-right corner above any Volgistics Help Topic page.

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