How to Recruit College Student Volunteers

Are you ready to reach out to a local university? Engage a new group of college students by using these volunteer recruitment tips, and enjoy the spirit these young people bring to your organization.

College students make fantastic volunteers. Their boundless energy and enthusiasm for causes they believe in can bring new urgency to your mission. They often have flexible schedules too, meaning they can work in those hard-to-fill daytime shifts.

Consider Transportation Before You Recruit

While some students have cars, most do not. Make sure you can either provide transportation for students, work with an organization to set up transport, or offer opportunities close to public transportation. It’s fruitless to find¬†ways to get college student volunteers if they can’t get to your location.

Go to a Job Fair

College students want to secure good jobs after graduation, and they attend job fairs to network with potential employers. You can sign up for a booth at one of these fairs to meet dozens of students searching for new opportunities. Remind them that student volunteering looks good on their job applications, though that should not be the only reason they assist you. Bring business cards and a small giveaway, like pencils with your charity’s name on them. Make sure to gather phone numbers and email addresses as well.

Connect With Church Groups

On-campus church groups contribute time to various organizations in the area. Read up on the values and goals of each one to see what would be the right fit for your nonprofit, then reach out to the group’s president with a specific volunteer project in mind. The more details you provide, the greater the chance you can get a group of college students to attend.

Talk to Professors About Your Needs

Professors often have close relationships with their students, who assist them with research projects or writing. If you work for an arts-related charity, for instance, contact someone in the theater department and ask how to recruit volunteers. They may have something like an internal electronic bulletin board where you can post an email chain for sending information.

Use the Greek System

Sororities and fraternities are always looking for local charities to partner with on service projects. You can usually find descriptions of past projects on websites or social media. Look for groups that have pursued projects similar to yours in the past. Sororities and fraternities can supply large numbers of volunteers at once, so think about using them for a high-demand event.

Appeal to College Students’ Particular Needs

College students are a busy group. They need an incentive to carve time from their study schedules to assist you. Give them reasons to volunteer with your organization, such as:

  • Community service hours they can apply to whatever they need
  • Real-world experience in their chosen field to enhance their resumes
  • Networking with others in the community, which can assist them in finding a job after graduation

When you employ all these approaches to recruiting college student volunteers, along with any other best practices that you’ve developed, you should see an uptick in your volunteer numbers. If you need assistance scheduling volunteers or tracking security documents, consider using Volgistics’. Sign up for a live demo or contact us¬†today to learn more about our volunteer management software.

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