Allow Volunteers to See Who Else Is Scheduled in VicNet

Tip of the Week November 8, 2021 If your organization uses VicNet or VicTouch, you can allow volunteers to see other volunteers who are scheduled by following these steps: Now when volunteers view the daily view of their schedule, they can see other volunteers who are scheduled. If you have volunteers who do not want

Volunteer Scheduling Tips

Improve the Volunteer Scheduling Process Do you schedule volunteers for your organization? Then you know what a challenge it can be. You have to worry about your charity’s needs while also balancing the needs of your volunteers, and that harmony is not easy to find. A little advance planning can make a huge difference. Use

Tip of the Week June 26, 2017

Use Schedule Icons to determine how a volunteer is scheduled In Volgistics, volunteers can be scheduled in two different ways: without openings and within openings. Some volunteers may be added directly to the schedule, while others may be assigned to fill specific openings that have been setup within Assignments. The “Two Ways to Schedule” section

Tip of the Week June 8, 2015

Import and print schedule in Excel. Volgistics includes a Schedule Report feature that allows you to print customized schedules in PDF format. Help topic 8255 has information on these reports. However, there may be times you want to have the schedule in Excel format. There is not a report that is able to do this,

Tip of the Week October 20, 2014

Use Volgistics’ Holidays feature to schedule remove volunteers from the schedule on days your organization will be closed. If your organization closes, or just keeps a skeleton staff of volunteers, on certain dates, you can add the date as a holiday in your account. This will automatically remove all regularly scheduled volunteers from the schedule

Tip of the Week August 25, 2014

Use Volgistics’ Substitute Tracking feature when volunteers are not able to serve. When volunteers are sick or unable to serve, you can remove them from the schedule for that date and then place a substitute volunteer on the schedule. However, an easier way to do this is to use Volgistics’ Substitute Tracking feature to handle

Tip of the Week July 14, 2014

Schedule volunteers from the Schedule tab of their records to have opening settings enforced. When scheduling volunteers to fill an opening from the Schedule tab of an Assignment, or by selecting Schedule from the menu, you must be careful to click the Fill link beside the unfilled opening instead of scheduling with the Schedule a

Tip of the Week April 7, 2014

Allow volunteers to see who else is scheduled in VicNet If your organization uses the VicNet or VicTouch modules, you can allow volunteers to see other volunteers who are scheduled by: Select Setup from the menu. Expand the VicNet link. Select Schedule tab. Under Volunteers can…, select one of the options for showing who else

Tip of the Week February 3, 2014

Allow volunteers to remove themselves from schedule If you use the self-scheduling feature in VicNet or VicTouch, you can allow volunteers to remove themselves from the schedule. To alert a System Operator, and/or the Coordinators for the assignment, about the change, you can setup to have an alert sent automatically when this occurs. The setting

Tip of the Week November 25, 2013

Go to the Schedule tab of an Assignment from the Schedule page There are different ways to view the schedule in Volgistics to match the rendering that fits your needs the best. For example, if you want to view the schedule for your entire organization, you can select Schedule from the menu. Or, if you