New Volgistics Feature: Text Message Opt-In on Application Forms

We are excited to announce that you can now allow prospective volunteers to opt-in for text messaging when they fill out an application form. If you already have VicNet then text messaging is included in your account at no additional cost. The Volgistics text-messaging feature provides an additional option beyond email for you to communicate

Volgistics Update: Automatic Height for Embedded Forms

Embedding an application form into one of your webpages makes the form appear as part of your own website. The downside to this approach has always been that the form often includes a scrollbar, or it requires you to manually figure out and set the height in your HTML code. But the height can change

Volgistics Now Supports Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has been added to the list of web browsers Volgistics supports for use with the system Volgistics is a cloud based system so you access your account over the Internet by using a web browser. Microsoft Edge has recently been added to the list of web browsers approved to use with the system.

Document Storage Is Now Available

Document Storage Is Now Available We’ve been working hard to get the next phases of the VicDocs feature ready, and we’re pleased to announce that they are now available. You can go paperless by uploading and storing documents in a variety of popular file formats. Accepted file formats include PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, JPG, PNG,

VicDocs Phase 2 Released

Phase 2 of the VicDocs electronic document storage feature has been released. A PDF copy of the completed application will automatically be saved on the new applicant’s volunteer record. We are pleased to announce that the second phase of the VicDocs electronic document storage feature has been released. This phase adds a new tab to

VicNet Mobile is Coming!

A mobile friendly version of VicNet will be released soon. We strongly recommend previewing your account’s setup now for a smooth transition. Volgistics is releasing an update to improve the user’s experience when VicNet is accessed on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. If your account uses VicNet, we encourage you

Blank Application Forms

You can now print or save a blank PDF file for application forms you create in Volgistics. The first phase of Volgistics’ paperless document storage feature has been released. You can now print or save a blank PDF copy of your volunteer application forms. This allows you to distribute paper application forms to prospective volunteers

Tip of the Week January 19, 2015

New Clone an Application Form Feature We’re pleased to announce that you can now clone an existing application form to make a new one with similar settings. This allows you to quickly create a form that is similar to a form you have. You can learn more about this new feature in the blog.

New Clone an Application Form Feature

Organizations can quickly create a new application form with the same settings as an existing form. There may be times when you want to create an application form that is very similar to one you have already created. For example, you may have a form for adult volunteers and now you want to create a

Delete Multiple Records at the Same Time

Non-archived records can now be tagged and deleted in batches Volgistics was originally designed to only allow one non-archived record to be deleted at a time. This helped prevent situations where multiple records were accidentally deleted and became non-recoverable. In March, we added a new feature that gives you the ability to restore deleted records