VicNet Mobile is Coming!

A mobile friendly version of VicNet will be released soon. We strongly recommend previewing your account’s setup now for a smooth transition.

Volgistics is releasing an update to improve the user’s experience when VicNet is accessed on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. If your account uses VicNet, we encourage you to preview what the user will see so that any necessary adjustments can be made before the volunteers and Coordinators have access to the mobile view.

In the majority of cases very little will need to be done to get your account ready. However, if you’ve customized VicNet with different colors or graphics, setting up your account for VicNet Mobile becomes even more important so that users will not see something drastically different once the update is released on August 21st.

You can find directions on how to preview what volunteers and Coordinators see with VicNet Mobile in Help topic 2159. This view shows the default color choices and gives an idea of how users will navigate using the menu in the upper left corner. The screen size will not be reduced to imitate a mobile phone or tablet. If you want to see this, you will need to actually login to Volgistics on your mobile phone or tablet, and then go to the Vic tab of the volunteer’s record.

Also, some aspects of how the mobile view will work for volunteers and Coordinators are still in the works. So keep in mind when you preview the mobile view you are mainly looking for things such as the color schemes and making sure the menu items match your tab choices. If you find you need to make changes to the default setup for VicNet, please see Help topic 1214.

After the release, your volunteers and Coordinators will continue to go to the URL address for your organization’s VicNet portal to login. In many cases, organizations have a link to this somewhere on their website, or the portal is embedded on a page of your website. There is more information on this in Help topic 2153. When the user goes to the portal on a mobile phone or device, there will be a Mobile-Site button that will take them to the mobile friendly view.

Due to the limitations of smaller screen sizes, the VicNet Mobile view will not include exactly the same setup as the full-site view of VicNet. For example, if your schedule is currently in calendar format, it will automatically be changed to a mobile friendly list. Overall the experience will be much more user friendly and we hope your volunteers and Coordinators find the changes beneficial. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to submit an inquiry to the Volgistics Support Team.

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