VicNet and VicTouch Modules

We have found that many organizations are unaware that we offer two additional modules called VicNet and VicTouch. These optional modules can be added to your account to give you additional tools that enable volunteers and coordinators to participate in the process of recording information and service hours—which can save you valuable time! These modules also offer additional ways for you to communicate with volunteers.


The VicNet module allows volunteers and coordinators to login to their accounts through a secure portal over the Internet. They use a unique username and password to access only the information that pertains to their record or the volunteers they oversee if they are a coordinator. Watch the video below to see how the VicNet module can make your job easier:


The VicTouch module is designed to function from touch screen stations setup at your organization’s location(s). Volunteers use a unique PIN number to access the system. Once they are logged in, volunteers can do many of the same tasks that they can with VicNet, but the VicTouch module offers the added advantage of functioning as a time clock to automatically record volunteer service hours in the system. Watch the video below to see how the VicTouch module can free you from the tedium of recording volunteer service and more:

If you’d like to find out more about these modules, or have any other questions about Volgistics, please contact the Volgistics Support Team by submitting a help inquiry from the Help E-mail tab of your Volgistics Mailbox.

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