View a Sent Email Message to See Recipients

Tip of the Week March 18, 2019

Volgistics keeps a list of sent email messages on the History tab of each volunteer’s record. While this is useful if you know the names of the volunteers who a message was sent to, there are times when you may not remember this information. In these cases, you can usually find recipients by looking at the sent email message. To do this:

  1. Select Mailbox from the Menu.
  2. Select the “Out Box” tab.
  3. Click the subject of the sent message.

The names of people the message was sent to will appear under “Recipients”. People who were included on the list to receive the message, but to whom it was not sent, will appear with their names crossed through. A volunteer may not have had the message sent to them if they do not have an email address on file, or if they have an invalid email address, or if they had opted-out the type of message that was sent.

There are some circumstances when recipients will not appear in this list. For example, if you’re a Site Level Operator you will not see any recipients. Volunteers will also not be listed here if they have been archived or deleted.

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