Receive Self-Scheduling Alerts by Email or Text as a System Operator

Tip of the Week March 11, 2019

Self-scheduling alerts can be setup on the Schedule ‘Rules’ tab of each Assignment record to send notifications whenever a volunteer adds or removes themselves from that Assignment’s Schedule. These notifications can be sent to system operators via the Volgistics Mailbox and/or to coordinators by email or text message. This ensures that staff and supervisors are made aware of any schedule changes that may have occurred to their Assignments’ schedules.

However, there may be times when a system operator would prefer to receive these notifications by email or text. This can be arranged by creating a coordinator record for that system operator, giving the coordinator record that operator’s email address, and/or opting the coordinator into text messaging via the ‘Account’ tab of their VicNet access, and then assigning that coordinator to the Assignment record(s) that they’d like to receive notifications for. The operator will then be able to receive self-scheduling notifications that are sent by email or text message to the Assignments’ coordinators.

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