Tip of the Week September 29, 2014

Recent additions to Set rules add more search options. Your satisfaction with Volgistics is important to us and we are continually working to improve your experience with the software. As part of the improvement process, we have made three changes to the Set rules available to query, or filter, the database. In May, we added

Tip of the Week September 15, 2014

Include volunteer names on ‘child’ records in Excel reports. In databases, a ‘child’ record is a piece of information that relates back to one particular record. One volunteer record can have multiple service records, just like one parent can have multiple children. Because Excel Spread Sheet reports are designed to be able to contain detailed

Tip of the Week September 1, 2014

Use the Advanced options on the Volunteer’s page to fine tune searches. When you’re locating specific groups of volunteer records, the Basic options on the Volunteers page provide a powerful search tool. For example, to locate just Active Adult volunteers, you select “Active” from the Status dropdown and “Adult” from the Type dropdown, and then

Tip of the Week July 7, 2014

Setup automatic reports to remind you to change a youth volunteer’s record when they become adults Many organizations separate adult and youth volunteers by giving them different Types in their account such as “Adult” and “Junior.” There is not a way to automatically change the volunteer’s Type when they reach their 18th birthday, but you

Tip of the Week April 14, 2014

Keep a local back-up of your volunteer data to re-create volunteer records that are accidentally deleted. Volgistics includes the ability to create a local back-up of your volunteer information by using Excel spreadsheet reports. One reason for making the report is that when these are saved to your local system, they can provide access to

Tip of the Week March 31, 2014

Use the Date of Last Activity field to see when a volunteer served last Volgistics makes it easy to see the last date a volunteer served with the Date of Last Activity field recorded in the Statistics box on the Core tab of the volunteer record. You enable this field to be shown by: Select

Restore Deleted Volunteers Feature Released

There may be times when volunteer records are deleted from the system accidentally. To address this, Volgistics released a new feature that allows you to recover these records within 5 days after they have been deleted. Now, as long as a System Operator’s rights allow them to delete volunteer records, they can also restore records

Tip of the Week November 18, 2013

Print service report for a single archived volunteer record. There may be times you want to print service reports for archived volunteer records. One way to do this is to create a custom Excel report that contains service information for all archived volunteers. Help topic 1997 shows how to do this. Archived records also show