Tip of the Week September 29, 2014

Recent additions to Set rules add more search options.

Your satisfaction with Volgistics is important to us and we are continually working to improve your experience with the software. As part of the improvement process, we have made three changes to the Set rules available to query, or filter, the database.

In May, we added the ability to create a Set based on the Country field on the Core tab of the volunteer’s record. You can learn more about this new rule in Help topic 2879. In September, we made two changes to Set rules. We added the ability to use the Their schedule Set rule to find only volunteers who are scheduled in a particular Site, Place or Assignment. There is more information on this in Help topic 1144. We also added the ability to search for volunteers who have, or do not have, the No postal mail box checked on the Core tab of their records. You can find information on using this Set rule in Help topic 2714.

You can find a listing of all upgrades to the Volgistics program as they come out in Help topic 2232.

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