How to Build a Team With Hybrid, In-Person, and Remote Volunteers

How to build a team with hybrid, in-person, and remote volunteers

Over the last few years, millions of people have shifted to a virtual environment for school, work, and health appointments. This shift is no different in the nonprofit sector, as many volunteers search for ways to engage with their favorite organizations through an online presence. While this method of volunteer engagement may seem difficult to

Guide to Volunteer Management

Volunteer management can be a juggling act with many moving parts. People are always looking for ways to improve and refine their management style to accomplish their team’s goals. Since about 80% of nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers to keep operations running, it is important for managers to understand how to handle and oversee their

Tips for Managing Library Volunteers

Tips for Managing Library Volunteers

Libraries of all sizes rely on volunteers to keep operations afloat. Whether they are organizing bookshelves or helping with local fundraising efforts, unpaid workers are responsible for a lot of the work behind a functioning library.  To successfully fulfill your library’s mission, managers should understand the best practices for managing volunteers as well as paid

Interview Questions for Volunteer Coordinators

15 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer coordinators play a vital role in an organization’s success. They’re the primary point of contact for volunteers to interact with the organization, and they keep things running smoothly. Choosing the right person for the job can be tricky, but the right interview questions make it easier. From understanding how they’ll perform in the role

Effective Capacity Building in Volunteer Organizations

Effective Capacity Building in Volunteer Organizations

Capacity building involves working toward improving a volunteer organization’s effectiveness. It often focuses on building necessary skills for future sustainability. Capacity building in volunteer organizations can refer to various activities, all designed to strengthen the program’s ability to fulfill its mission now and in the future. Establishing capacity building is essential to the success of

How to Avoid Legal Problems With Volunteers

How to Avoid Legal Problems With Volunteers

If you are a volunteer manager, program director, or human resources professional, legal problems with volunteers are likely some of your greatest concerns. Volunteers are often essential to an establishment, but if something goes wrong with a volunteer, it can be detrimental to your organization. What if a volunteer gets hurt while serving with your

Do You Need Insurance For Volunteers?

Why Insurance Is Important for Volunteer Organizations

Many nonprofit organizations rely heavily on volunteers to fulfill their mission. Volunteers can be a wonderful asset, but they can also be a liability. Have you considered what would happen if a volunteer were injured on the job or if they mistreated a client? What if they stole money from your organization? There are also general

How to Preserve Volunteer Knowledge

How to Preserve Volunteer Knowledge

Volunteers are the backbone of any nonprofit organization. When new volunteers join your team, they have a great deal to learn. You might dedicate a lot of time and resources to training new volunteers, but there’s an easier way. You can pass down volunteer knowledge to new recruits by storing information all in one place. 

How to Give Thanks for Your Volunteers This Thanksgiving

Turkey time is just around the corner, and it’s more important than ever to show your volunteers just how much you value them. Take this November as a time for giving thanks for volunteers, with some simple but effective tokens of appreciation. Recognize Them Online Create a post on social media that props up your

How Your Organization Can Promote Safe Volunteering During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How Your Organization Can Promote Safe Volunteering During the Pandemic

COVID-19 changed the way we do a lot of things, including volunteering. Help is now more necessary than ever across all organizations — in animal shelters, food banks, child care, hospitals, and more — and people are eager to assist their community.  As a compassionate volunteer organization, your priorities likely shifted to keeping your volunteers